dinner napkin

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a large napkin used when dinner is served

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Lamps and lighting fixtures were a big hit at the show, many of them whimsical, such as the male/female table lamps made of straw hats from Lampa, or the combination dinner napkin holder/table lamp and other kitchen motifs carried by Jerry Speigel.
But I recommend an afternoon with elegant social hostess Maureen - learning to tie a jaunty silk scark or fold a dinner napkin.
They were exploring math problems on a dinner napkin.
The range, from flat-shipped and folded dinner napkins, pre-wrapped cutlery, guest towels, table runners, and tablecovers, embossed and unembossed, white or in prints and colors--all support industry growth.
Rather than a superstore offering thousands of products to choose from, Love Custom Napkins specializes in the best selection of beverage napkins, dinner napkins, cocktail napkins, luncheon napkins and dispenser napkins available online
El-Sherbiny said that they held an origami festival in Alexandria in November 2011 where there were workshops for making designs with dinner napkins and banknotes.
We pour, drip and channel colors onto sponges, watch colors soak and merge on a blotter or settle into the folds and layers of white dinner napkins.
The waiter barely had time to pour a final glass of rose desert wine before the table succumbed to the onslaught of dairy, waiving white dinner napkins in surrender, taste buds beaten.
Fear not, mucky eaters, because with these specially designed Dress for Dinner Napkins you can look smart around the Sunday roast without paying any mind to the risk of the odd spoonful of gravy falling down your front.
Happy Napkins offers two-ply folded white dinner napkins with printed feel-good messages on school-age children by a working mom who wanted to deliver a loving message to her kids in the middle of the day, they are great for gatherings of family and friends and such.
Page 101: Studio dinner plates in cream ($48 for four) and linen hemstitch dinner napkins ($54 for six) from Pottery Barn (see above).
Fronting a predictably note-perfect quintet, Marsalis had huge swaths of audience standing and waving dinner napkins in a New Orleans-style tribute to both Ray Charles and the recently departed drum great Elvin Jones.
There are black onyx and mother-of-pearl flatware, pleated satin dinner napkins (a la Mary McFadden), tortoise-patterned glass vases and beaded tablecloths and linens.
The line includes affordable beverage, dispenser and dinner napkins that feature a unique embossing and printed Earth Wise® Tree Free™ logo so your patrons are aware of your sustainable choice.
Our bread was served on a Santa Claus pie tin, and I discovered my best find ever in a rib place: dinner napkins made from thick, fluffy, white, extra-large bath cloths.