dinner jacket

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semiformal evening dress for men

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On invitations, the correct term is "black tie'' (as opposed to "white tie,'' the now-rare full evening dress), and in conversation, it is a dinner jacket, with the pants simply assumed.
I'm skint (holiday in the Caribbean coming up, that sort of thing) so I won't be buying a dinner jacket.
Make sure you and your champers arrive in style with the GH Mumm Cordon Rouge Dinner Jacket.
James Henry Kerby, who was attacked by a mugger and had three military medals stripped from his dinner jacket PICTURE: Richard Swingler [umlaut]
Typical sentiments from the man who carried his trademarks of dinner jacket, straw hat, dazzling smile and Parisian accent through most of this century in music hall and cabaret, on screen, stage and television.
The only element that jarred was the image for the branding - the invitations, programmes, and place cards all featured a man in dickie bow, white dress shirt and black dinner jacket.
Industry experts have claimed Farrell is too much of a party animal to don Bond's coveted dinner jacket.
Chosen by popular vote were John Torreso, in a blue Oriental satin print dinner jacket, and Christine Ross in black and gold sequins.
and blew the whole spoon all over his blue velvet dinner jacket," the Sun quoted her as saying.
When he did emerge, was it in a slick dinner jacket or even a well-tailored Savile Row suit?
Later on we had records by Mrs Mills - a roly-poly lady in long flowery dress - and Russ Conway - he of the white dinner jacket, dickie bow, missing pinkie and a smile more dazzling than the ad for the Colgate ring of confidence.
Three of his service medals were ripped from his dinner jacket
He wore a black dinner jacket with a white flower buttonhole to crash into a fashion store and steal pounds 6500 worth of clothes.
The former St Thomas More High School pupil was last seen in the grounds of Magdalene wearing a black dinner jacket and bow-tie.
BACK to bygone days again, this time to when doyens such as Alvar Liddell wore a dinner jacket to read the news - on the the wireless.