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a bell rung to announce that dinner has been served

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On this not-so-legendary meetings of the minds, the dim-witted, Disney-bred divas boast how they can strut their stuff like a dinner bell for horny guys and don't need a man to rock their world.
My thinking on scoring these silent comedies is that the music serves in two ways: it could underline specific actions with a telling phrase or create by musical means sound effects, a hit on the head, a gunshot, or a dinner bell.
It's a dinner bell to slugs, who will fall in and drown.
Perry warned against those who see Combs' rosy forecast as "the equivalent of ringing the dinner bell.
They also don't bother the neighbors at all, who are in fact hoping they will over hear the dinner bell when the time comes.
Although climate change has rung the dinner bell for hungry beetles, the author suggests, human arrogance has surely set the table.
When the dinner bell rang, horses would immediately try to head for the barn.
If the bell starts ringing like a dinner bell, the guide knows the dog has jumped the wounded deer and is chasing it.
These days Barnesie's favourite musical instrument is the dinner bell, but his input helped World In Motion make up for World Cup disasters like Back Home, This Time (We'll Get It Right), and Paul Parker as right-back.
under the overcast the take water static and the dinner bell frozen with
C[pounds sterling]The pingers attracted the mammals like a dinner bell.
Unfortunately for the buck, I also knew his destination--a group of white oaks that were raining acorns and sounding the dinner bell to all hungry whitetails in the vicinity.
I've dined on slugburgers in Corinth, eaten fried grits in Clarksdale, sampled Leatha's heavenly barbecued ribs in Hattiesburg, and spun the lazy Susan at the Dinner Bell in McComb.
When the buncos were counted and the cash prizes distributed, Lehner took the box with the dice, pencils and dinner bell for the next month's game.
Maybe it caught a whiff of the dinner bell as man's best friend is having a "walk".