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For example, the 1984 California Omnibus Wilderness Act was passed on the condition that motorist access would continue on existing four-wheel drive roads linking the Dinkey Lakes and John Muir Wildernesses, and bisecting the Mokelurnne Wilderness.
The central Sierra: big trees, Dinkey Lakes It's the calm lap of lake water against a canoe, the crunch of pipe needles underfoot, and the squawk of a Steller's jay.
Some engineers, called dinkey operators, work at industrial sites or mines operating engines that help transport coal, rock, or supplies.
D & F Pack Station: John Muir, AnselAdams, Kaiser, Dinkey Lakes.
The rest work primarily for local governments as subway and streetcar operators and for mining, manufacturing, and marine cargo-handling operations operating their own locomotives and dinkeys that shuttle railcars containing ore, coal, and other bulk materials.