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a small locomotive

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This edition, reorganized so that trips are divided by west and east and correspond to major highways and roads, is updated to include trips to places such as Dinkey Lakes, Kaiser, Jenny Lakes, Ansel Adams, Golden Trout, and John Muir wildernesses.
Anne Forer, Naomi Weisstein, Linda Gordon, Amy Kesselman, Norma Allen, Jane Lazarre, Anne Froines, Dinkey Romilly, and Sheli Wortis were among this group; many didn't want to be named.
For example, the 1984 California Omnibus Wilderness Act was passed on the condition that motorist access would continue on existing four-wheel drive roads linking the Dinkey Lakes and John Muir Wildernesses, and bisecting the Mokelurnne Wilderness.
The central Sierra: big trees, Dinkey Lakes It's the calm lap of lake water against a canoe, the crunch of pipe needles underfoot, and the squawk of a Steller's jay.
Some engineers, called dinkey operators, work at industrial sites or mines operating engines that help transport coal, rock, or supplies.
D & F Pack Station: John Muir, AnselAdams, Kaiser, Dinkey Lakes.
The rest work primarily for local governments as subway and streetcar operators and for mining, manufacturing, and marine cargo-handling operations operating their own locomotives and dinkeys that shuttle railcars containing ore, coal, and other bulk materials.