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At the club's Cobham training ground every new boy is expected to stand on a chair in the diningroom and sing a song in front of his new colleagues.
My birthplace is in Germany, and when I was four years old and sitting at the dining table with lots of adults, having to mind my manners, being bored on one of the scratchy red upholstered diningroom chairs, I discovered a tiny hole in the upholstery and made it unobtrusively bigger.
They sit at the diningroom table discussing the sensible honeymoon they have decided upon.
made by the great Dutch cello maker, Heinrich Jacobs that stood in the corner of our diningroom all my life that she played every afternoon while I played my little quarter size beside her,--always to her right .
Features include high ceilings, timber flooring, some arched doors, oak panelling and an inglenook in the diningroom.
Morag, standing in the diningroom doorway, feels a spinning of blood inside her skull.
The final touches have been made to the doors of the winter diningroom in the reconstructed Commanding Officer's house at Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum in South Shields.
Q WE have lifted our old diningroom carpet to reveal lovely wooden floorboards.
Most facilities provide meals, often in a diningroom setting.
Upstairs, there was a prim British diningroom with flowered wallpaper and potted palms.
Karcsi would come out of his room to shake hands, and would be asked to join us for dinner although in any case he ate with us most nights as part of his lodging, and his place was always set on the diningroom table.
Perhaps kneeling at a diningroom table is more relaxing than the upright coffin of an elaborately carved confessional.
Generally, too, things function efficiently, whether it's the local bus, the diningroom staff, or a scheduled airport departure.
He also gave insight into the way Paderewski traveled when touring the US, using his own railroad car, equipped with bedroom, diningroom, and livingroom with Steinway piano.
Two bedrooms, formal diningroom, windowed eat-in kitchen and 1.