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dining-room furniture consisting of a table on which meals can be served

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SHOULD children under 14 also be forbidden to use knives to cut their meat at the dining-room table, or scissors to cut paper?
According to the design specs, the rotors ought to enable the aircraft to take off vertically, fly horizontally at more than 70 miles per hour, and then land vertically again on a clear patch of ground as small as a dining-room table.
You watch the family convene at the dining-room table for a meal straight Out of Norman Rockwell--and then you're led out the same way you came in.
Mary puts a dinner of roast beef, potatoes, and carrots on the dining-room table.
I have suggested to Lacey and the kids that we could save a lot of hassles including cleanup and disposal by taking our ornaments and lights to the lot where we made the purchase and setting up there, but none of them think it would be very "Christmassy" to put our packages under the dining-room table and go downtown when we have the urge to watch needles fall.
And the stylish, long-range Wireless DJ remote, with its display and scroll wheel, makes it easy to navigate an entire music collection from the couch, the dining-room table, the bedroom -- anywhere.
Surprisingly deft on her feet, she can scamper quickly from the dining-room table to the grand piano to press a few keys, or to pick up a Jack and Jill picture book from the floor and give it to Mom to read.
Following and celebrating the release of Disney's 101 Dalmatians, his first book, 101 Nudes, 1972/91, peered into the forlorn, next-door, often hilarious randiness of suburbia: plump woman nude on porch steps, plump woman nude next to potted plants, nude in bushes, or nude fondling the family pet; skinny boy nude and posed on top of the dining-room table, like a fountain cherub run amok, skinny boy again nude balanced on the sofa's arm, dolled up in drag across the love seat, cigarette in hand playing the piano nude, or caressing in the buff a mural of Jesus.
It could be a candle and flowers at the center of the dining-room table, the candle lit just before saying grace and extinguished after the meal is over.
At African Odyssey, you might be tempted to run your fingertips along the highly polished surface of a dining-room table made of red jarrah wood - $7,650 if you want to take it home today.
The Henry Fonda everybody loves on screen was not the Henry Fonda at the dining-room table,'' Peter says in Sunday's Parade magazine.
The dining-room table was moved out to make room for the new baby, so the grown-ups had to hunch around the tiny kids' table.