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While I scrubbed, my grandmother busied herself in the dining-room until I called anxiously, `Grandmother, I'm afraid the cakes are burning
I slid out, and as I passed the dining-room I thought I'd make sure them watchers hadn't seen me; so I looked through the crack, and everything was all right.
So the Doctor left the boy to play with the animals in the dining-room, and went upstairs to look for passing porpoises.
This was a long, low building, smothered in creepers; and now, except for some chinks of light between the dining-room shutters, it was plunged in darkness and silence.
pray make haste and come into the dining-room, for there is such a sight to be seen
I explained that he had been in the dining-room and the smoking-room and two or three other places; and he laughed and told me to go back to bed.
The dining-room was in the good taste of the period.
Carey lived in the dining-room so that one fire should do, and in the summer they could not get out of the habit, so the drawing-room was used only by Mr.
said Fouquet's friend, breathing more freely; and he took the captain by the hand, and, dragging him behind him, led him into the dining-room, where a number of friends surrounded the surintendant, placed in the center, and buried in the cushions of a
I went into the kitchen, the butler's pantry, the gun-room, the billiard-room, the drawing-room, and finally the dining-room.
Early one morning I was standing near the dining-room door listening to the complaints of the students.
Rodney made no answer, but led her downstairs into the dining-room on the ground floor.
From those visits to unsanitary Houndsley streets in search of Diamond, he had brought back not only a bad bargain in horse-flesh, but the further misfortune of some ailment which for a day or two had deemed mere depression and headache, but which got so much worse when he returned from his visit to Stone Court that, going into the dining-room, he threw himself on the sofa, and in answer to his mother's anxious question, said, "I feel very ill: I think you must send for Wrench.
Next evening there was no William in the dining-room, and I thought I knew what had happened.
As his casual glance wandered into the officers' dining-room, Tarzan saw something which brought a look of interest to his eyes.