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a large room at a college or university

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They were shown to their rooms and permitted to make such toilets as they could, and soon they assembled again in the grand tin dining-hall, even Toto being present.
The several big palaces I had explored were mere living places, great dining-halls and sleeping apartments.
Plays were acted in halls, in the dining-halls of the great or in the guild halls belonging to the various trades.
an unlimited plan, which, as the name says, allows unlimited dining-hall access throughout the semester
In a letter to the dining-hall manager, he protested the use of "public funds" to finance "sectarian" concerns, which he deemed an unacceptable breach in the "separation of church and state.
In terms of CHI SHITANG (eat dining hall), therefore, SHITANG (dining hall) and SHITANG DE FAN (the cooked rice of dining hall) are linguistic realizations of Container (SHITANG, dining-hall, the whole) and Content (SHITANG DE FAN, the cooked rice of dining-hall, a part of the whole) respectively within the SHITANG (dining-hall) schema or frame.
It is interesting to note that the Chinese verb CHI can be followed by NPs indicating non-eatable things such as dining-hall, chopsticks, etc.