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someone you dine with


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It looked rustic and comforting and my dining companion deemed it an excellent choice.
My dining companion, however, deemed it "too spicy" after several mouthfuls.
My dining companion opted for lamb skewers with hummus and coriander flatbread.
Have you texted one dining companion to make snarky comments about another dining companion during the meal?
However, Judge Reid QC said parts of his evidence were "singularly unconvincing" and "did not ring true", preferring the account of his dining companion, former bookmaker and leading betting industry figure Warwick Bartlett.
With his feet firmly on the ground and his mind defiantly on the next meal, he'd make a heck of a dining companion.
My dining companion had the mughlai biryani (Dh64), which he swore he wouldn't finish but eventually did and praised it.
My second dining companion ordered Ginger Dill Norwegian Smoked Salmon (with horseradish caviar) which although fresh, did not hint that the salmon was imported.
Gill and his dining companion Joan Collins out of his London eaterie after Gill found fault - singled out wine waiters as the biggest offenders.
Well, I put a shirt on, my dining companion looked so good I would have happily been sustained on sea air and starlight and cancelled the taxi.
Back in my online dating days, I found myself meeting first dates at restaurants, where I would typically order a 3,000-calorie meal while my dining companion would take four bites from a garden salad that didn't even contain dressing.
Now Calamity made a point of saying I should order just what I fancied, always a sure sign a dining companion has their gastric juices set on something.
Here my dining companion had a tale to tell: of her first encounter with creme brulee in New York City, the quality of which she had tried in vain to equal.
That was the only rule last Wednesday when I invited readers to explain (in no more than 50 words) why they should be my dining companion for the night at one of my restaurant reviews.
After eating too many starters, myself and my dining companion dipped an already-stuffed toe into the mains.