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someone you dine with


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Anyway, I ordered roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and none of that foreign muck, thank you very much, because I know which way the wind is blowing, and my dining companion and I began to discuss professional matters of the highest national importance.
Next to me, my dining companion ooh-ed and ahh-ed over what I thought looked like a rather boring goat cheese salad.
Even if you split your Whiskey Cake with a dining companion, you're still looking at over 600 calories and 14 grams of sat fat.
instead of a whole, for example, and splitting entrees with a dining companion if dining out.
95), while your dining companion opts for milder but still robust E6 Tom XaoRaoC'ai, succulent pink shrimp stir-fried with mixed veggies ($10.
My dining companion opted for lamb skewers with hummus and coriander flatbread.
Have you texted one dining companion to make snarky comments about another dining companion during the meal?
However, Judge Reid QC said parts of his evidence were "singularly unconvincing" and "did not ring true", preferring the account of his dining companion, former bookmaker and leading betting industry figure Warwick Bartlett.
Well, I put a shirt on, my dining companion looked so good I would have happily been sustained on sea air and starlight and cancelled the taxi.
Back in my online dating days, I found myself meeting first dates at restaurants, where I would typically order a 3,000-calorie meal while my dining companion would take four bites from a garden salad that didn't even contain dressing.
With his feet firmly on the ground and his mind defiantly on the next meal, he'd make a heck of a dining companion.
My second dining companion ordered Ginger Dill Norwegian Smoked Salmon (with horseradish caviar) which although fresh, did not hint that the salmon was imported.
Now Calamity made a point of saying I should order just what I fancied, always a sure sign a dining companion has their gastric juices set on something.
4Amanda was spotted having 'intimate' evenings out with unlikely dining companion David Blunkett, but now she's found love again with another photographer, Stephen Colover.
The Colorado Springs Gazette reported that, after a police investigation, the woman's dining companion, Robert Lawrence Psaty, an employee of the state mental health hospital in Pueblo, who is a former Florence City Council member, was arrested on February 20.