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a passenger car where food is served in transit

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Elegant Victorian dinner aboard the Dining Car with a menu that pulls the past into the future
Though details about this particular diner are scarce, it might have been made by one of the pioneers of this American classic in a city nearby: Worcester, which was home to one of the earliest dining car manufacturing companies in 1887.
Johnson obtained the steward's job with the help of his union, the Brotherhood of Dining Car Cooks and Waiters, an organization of black men employed by the Southern Pacific that was recognized by the American Federation of Labor.
But the dining car has been in decline ever since, with the best today's cross-country travellers can usually hope for in most cases being a BLT and coffee in a cardboard cup.
Some of the journeys on the train can be combined with events such as the European Steam Grand Prix and International Dining Car Competition in Budapest.
Transport Salaried Staffs' Association leader Gerry Doherty said: "By axing jobs, closing dining cars, cutting ticket offices and rationing first class passengers biscuits and water, they will drive passengers away.
up and down the coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco every day serving 144 people at a drop - 72 on each side - in three dining cars with 18 waiters and two bus boys.
com It's not just a website: The store has some 10,000 rare and out-of-print editions, such as cookbooks with recipes from old railroad dining cars.
The VSOE also served as the setting for the still photography aspect of the campaign, in which the girl's modelled items from M&S' latest collection in a number of the trains meticulously-maintained carriages, including the opulent bar car, the dining cars with their plush fabrics and inlaid marquetry and the cabins with their stunning art deco features.
It added GNER's 250 catering staff fear redundancies because the company's dining cars make losses of about pounds 10m.
The 10-coach train has five passenger coaches, two dining cars, one snack car, a dome car and an entertainment car with musicians, tables and a bar.
The work crosses centuries and continents in three sections that focus on train hardware (industrial and interior design), service (cafes, dining cars, and provisioning), and identity (branding, livery, and promotion) from the Victorian era to the age of the bullet train.
The return journey features cocktails and live entertainment in the lounge car, followed by a three-course Andean dinner in the two dining cars.
In a dispute as to who should cater its dining cars, SBB managment has decided to put on the chef's cap itself.
The Ercuis holloware collection includes handcrafted silverplated bowls, which are replicas of the serving pieces used in the dining cars of the Orient Express.