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a passenger car where food is served in transit

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May 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Dorothy Flood, a 75-year-old African-American from Houston, briefly lost her composure as she entered the train's dining car in Canon City, Colorado.
In ten minutes something will happen in this dining car that has never occurred before aboard this train.
Tanya is playing Dinah the dining car in the show, the car which loves Greaseball, the Elvis-like diesel train played by Tom.
Once on the train one had to endure a four-hour journey with little or no dining car facilities.
Six dining car attendants escaped injury when the dining car of a Manchester to Bournemouth train jumped the rails, leapt six feet and crashed into a stationary engine in Manchester.
Ray's narrative of exile is structurally contained within lake's picaresque narrative, as it does not begin until the second part of the three-part novel, when we encounter him waiting tables in a railroad dining car where Jake is a cook.
But he added: "We are very concerned over the reduction in the catering on National Express, where they have in fact closed their dining car except on very limited occasions.
What people want is a punctual, affordable, comfortable rail connection to the capital with, as an added bonus, a dining car which actually serves food.
Navy and had been holding down a variety of jobs, including working as a dining car waiter when a friend encouraged him to enter the real estate business.
A lady of the same profession blames the toughness of steaks served in the dining car on their being taken from the "acrobatic muscles" of the local antelope.
On this train, through this stretch, it borders on embarrassing to reflect on their privations while dining on seafood vol-au-vent with brandy cream sauce in a luxurious dining car.
Egypt's Middle East News Agency said the cause of the fire was a burst gas cylinder using for cooking in the dining car.
It also lets passengers move around during the trip, enjoy a meal in the dining car or relax in the lounge.
It presents race as a central organizing principle in employers' decision to hire black railwaymen for their sleeping and dining car departments.
99 which, according to point-of-purchase display information, is still constructed the way dining car chairs for trains were made 50 years ago.