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a passenger car where food is served in transit

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Tourist class berths (sheets extra) have a basin in the room, communal showers and toilets and an airconditioned dining car.
36) There was a lingering element of status to be represented through the cuisine of the Canadian Pacific Hotels, while the dining car menus were more representative of the changes occurring in middle-class American restaurants.
As Jim Loomison wrote in a Consumer Traveler story last year: "Here's the unvarnished truth, put in the simplest possible terms by a respected authority on passenger rail: 'If the dining cars go, the sleepers go.
This circa 1940 photo shows a fancy version of these dining cars -- a wide version with booths inside, and a counter for smaller parties.
At present, the train runs with 17 coaches including four air-conditioned chair-cars, one dining car, 10 second class chair-cars and two second class cum brake vans.
Johnson obtained the steward's job with the help of his union, the Brotherhood of Dining Car Cooks and Waiters, an organization of black men employed by the Southern Pacific that was recognized by the American Federation of Labor.
I escorted Bellow to the dining car where seats were available for passengers prepared to pay the dinner price.
Once settled in, make your way to the dining car where a succulent lunch awaits.
THIS weekend will be the last chance hungry travellers have to enjoy meals in the refined surroundings of the East Coast dining car.
balloon, every dining car & bright hothouse, each haunted moth,
The gripping drama pans out on the once iconic Rajdhani Express and many of its scenes are shot at the dining car.
Some of the journeys on the train can be combined with events such as the European Steam Grand Prix and International Dining Car Competition in Budapest.
When Smith returned to the railroad after two years in the service, he became a dining car waiter working the Daylight, then later Southern Pacific's crack overnight Pullman train, the Lark.
Yet Virgin devote four out of eight coaches on their trains to First Class, with no dining car.
They set their brushes to work depicting all manner of rail-related doings from demeanor in the dining car to romance on the day coach to the nightmarish frustrations of rail commuting.