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the act of eating dinner

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I am glad that our students had to dig out the place for their kitchen and dining room.
When our old students return to Tuskegee now, as they often do, and go into our large, beautiful, well-ventilated, and well-lighted dining room, and see tempting, well-cooked food--largely grown by the students themselves--and see tables, neat tablecloths and napkins, and vases of flowers upon the tables, and hear singing birds, and note that each meal is served exactly upon the minute, with no disorder, and with almost no complaint coming from the hundreds that now fill our dining room, they, too, often say to me that they are glad that we started as we did, and built ourselves up year by year, by a slow and natural process of growth.
A team consisting of housekeepers, nurses, clinical dietitians, nursing assistants, administrators, and dining and activity staff members designed the buffet used to deliver a menu's worth of meal choices to each of the neighborhood dining areas.
DOWNTON DINING | French-style painted furniture is the right |ingredient for an elegant sophisticated setting.
Acrylic chairs are a great modern addition to any minimalist dining space Acrylic chairs are a great modern addition to any minimalist dining space Victoria clear acrylic dining chair PS79.
ENTERTAINING will form part of most people's social calendar over the next few months, and with Christmas on the horizon it's important to ensure that your dining table fits the bill.
com)-- Healthy Dining is happy to welcome Holden, Massachusetts restaurant Thai Island to the long list of participating Kids LiveWell and Healthy Dining restaurants featured on HealthyDiningFinder.