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wolflike yellowish-brown wild dog of Australia

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Beattie said: "Children are more important than dingoes and I will not pull back from the culling.
Some will have a guilty conscience because they know what they thought and what they said and now it's been forcibly brought to their attention that dingoes are killers.
Look at the graphs again: How did the results change when dingoes were added to the game?
In their investigation, Peter Savolainen of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and his colleagues analyzed comparable sections of DNA from 211 dingoes as well as from domestic dogs and ancient bones found at archaeological sites in Polynesia.
Holmes made it clear that the OAAEConnor trophy stands for an annual competition to boost the relationship with the Dingoes and the idea to have an annual event was conceived during the MagpiesAAE maiden trip to Dubai in 2007.
Photos of dingo pups sprawled lazily over each other and their mothers and fathers reinforce this message, as do many beautiful images of dingoes engaged in the greeting ritual of touching noses and mouthing each other's muzzles.
Dingoes are also domesticated dogs, but through many generations, they have adapted to life in the Australian outback.
What occurred on 17th August, 1980, was that shortly after Mrs Chamberlain placed Azaria in the tent, a dingo or dingoes entered the tent, took Azaria and carried and dragged her from the immediate area," Morris said.
We have given the appropriate instructions that the dingoes will be destroyed,' Queensland state premier Peter Beattie said.
95, includes four adventure-filled episodes of "The Wild Thornberrys," including "Koality and Kuantity," "Dances with Dingoes," "Reef Grief" and "Pal Joey.
Dingoes are not Dogs Budburra Books, 2011 unpaged $22.
Dingoes and the singing dog were separate from other breeds for thousands of years.
AFL: The Dubai Dingoes were able to celebrate Anzac Day early after winning the inaugural Anzac Cup in Doha.
In contrast to the sight of a potential predator, recordings of dingoes howling didn't evoke much reaction, especially when compared with the calls of a familiar danger, the wedge-tailed eagle.
Could be the isolated geography, the deranged dingoes, or maybe its origins as a penal colony for naughty British boys.