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wolflike yellowish-brown wild dog of Australia

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Mr Lewis said Dingo was a friendly, happy dog and already a firm favourite with keepers at Bryn y Maen.
Chamberlain was released in 1986 when some of her daughter s clothing was recovered by chance near a dingo lair, and she fought for decades to clear her name in a sensational case which spawned a Meryl Streep film.
An inquest in 1981 ruled Azaria was snatched by a dingo.
When she saw her daughter was gone and spotted a dingo walking away, she screamed: "A dingo's got my baby.
In an earlier inquest the judge accepted the Chamberlains' claim that a dingo had taken their baby but further investigations by British pathologists showed the wounds, indicated by bloodstains on the baby's clothes, could not have been caused by a dingo and a second investigation was started.
The MLA follows the recent announcement and Referral Decision from the Australian Federal Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities that the Dingo West Project was not considered to be a controlled action.
Given the absence of effective controls, AWC is turning to land management--in particular the manipulation of fire and grazing regimes, and dingo density--to try and at least soften the impact of feral cats.
Based on the very same Unimog chassis as the Dingo 2, the ARAVIS boasts a higher level of crew protection.
Hesley Dingo (5-2) claimed the scalp of Westmead Logan when winning a scrappy third heat in 30.
The Toro Company, in partnership with Aquascapes Design, announced that Dylan Arlotta of Garden State Koi in Warwick, NY, won a Toro Dingo TX 420 compact utility loader and bucket attachment at the Aquascapes Pondemonium 2006 event held in Chicago.
Reagan Chamberlain was only four when a dingo apparently snatched his nine-week-old sister as she slept beside him in a tent near Ayers Rock in August, 1980.
A distraught mother's claim 24 years ago that a dingo had snatched her baby from a camp site near Ayers Rock in the Australian Outback ignited one of the country's most enduring mysteries.
An Australian pensioner is to be interviewed after claiming he can provide proof a dingo savaged a baby girl to death 24 years ago.
But once Europeans arrived in the 1800s and introduced a formidable predator, the dingo, the native animal was driven to extinction everywhere except Tasmania.
The island, a world heritage site, has been the scene of several dingo attacks in recent years.