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Synonyms for dinginess

discoloration due to dirtiness


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As if she was embarrassed by her brother's dinginess, his refusal to just grow up.
In that case, the researchers hypothesized, feeling disgust might make people more sensitive to impurities in the color white, which would indicate dinginess or dirt.
It was cold outside, but *'d rather see northern lights in the frigid outdoors than a 40-watt bulb and wall-to-wall dinginess inside, with the heater either projectile vomiting British Thermal Units or doing nothing at all.
I have always suspected that it is the place described 80 years ago by JB Priestley in his English Journey as 'a parade of mean dinginess .
I put bed sheets over the card tablesC*To reduce the stark, dreary dinginess of the surroundings, I captured a passing tumbleweed, propped it up in front of the Crown's Prince place setting, fashioned some flimsy rosettes out of bits of colored napkins, attached them to the branches of the weed, and stood back lest my cigarette turn this makeshift mirage into a flaming fury," writes Arnold.
I'm guided away from the glitter of Old Hollywood, back to the rain, cider and damp-tramp dinginess of present day Brum.
Saadia's identity as the girl with urban connections, who enjoyed better clothes and more freedom than others in her village, could be seen, to a certain extent, as a strategy to transcend the dinginess inherent in her accorded status as the fatherless daughter living in the Kammi Kameen part of the village.
They won't mention another of the benefits' from the home-grown energy solution: a home-grown Al Qaida, recruited from the dinginess of 'Slum Planet, while others loll in the luxury of 'clean, 'sustainable' energy, claims that do not stand up to honest scientific investigation.
In order to counter the dinginess that most convertibles suffer from when the hood's up, the Saab's hood is internally trimmed in either beige or light grey.
Researchers studying children after hurricanes found that children frequently experienced traumatic symptoms of (a) intrusive thoughts causing inattentiveness and irritability; (b) hyper-arousal causing aggression and sleeplessness; and (c) avoidance of reminders of the traumatic event causing dinginess, fear, depression, and regression (Lonigan, Anthony, & Shannon, 1998; Vogel & Vernberg, 1993).
Perhaps the most eloquent defence of ordinary Georgian architecture came from Robert Byron when he argued that 'it corresponds, almost to the point of dinginess, with our national character.
Looking out of the window, there is no escaping the dinginess.