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Synonyms for dingily

in a dingy manner

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35am; Scotland: 1am; Not N Ireland) Christmas Eve is ruined as Neve McIntosh deals with bloody hysteria in a Crazies rip-off, dingily shot in a leafy cul-de-sac on a Brookside budget.
One that is famous for its firm grasp of the deeply esoteric, not the dingily erotic.
The City Council's main chamber has a dingily ornate feel.
Features will include a dingily garage aft for a three-metre dinghy with motor, twin rudders, cockpit seating and boarding gangway, five-metre unobstructed deck forward of the mast with flush deck hatches proving plenty of space for sunbaking and relaxing, and the choice of sails and rigging for sport or comfort.
It was a place rather dingily lighted, the darkest portions having incandescent lights, filled with machines and work benches.