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a small boat of shallow draft with cross thwarts for seats and rowlocks for oars with which it is propelled

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The crew, on a military Orion plane, used radar to locate the dinghy.
Flavio Di Giacomo of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said in a tweet Monday that survivors interviewed by the agency in Catania, Sicily, after they arrived on a rescue ship said 150 people had been aboard the dinghy when it set out from the coast of Libya.
The Prime Minister was photographed at the helm of the motorised dinghy on Wednesday.
The crewman shouts to the drenched casualty, who is too big to fit in the dinghy and is wearing a hoodie and shorts: "Ey up fella, what are you doing out here?
Llandudno RNLI said the group made a 999 mobile call to Holyhead coastguard after they lowered their sail, lost their oars, and found they were unable to make headway in the 10-foot dinghy.
The Mirror dinghy, created for the paper by TV DIY expert Barry Bucknell and boat designer Jack Holt, was launched in 1963 and cost PS63 11s, close to an average month's wage.
Coquet Yacht Club RYA Training Centre principal Mark Phillips (right) and dinghy captain Simon Leeming with the new RYA Training Centre flag.
And that rescue came just four days after he and a pal were warned of the dangers of drifting out to sea after they set out from the same beach in the same dinghy.
Thieves stole an inflatable dinghy that was being kept at the boat park at Riverside Road.
In June two tourists had to be rescued from a dinghy while trying to reach an island without a paddle.
CLINGING on for dear life in a tiny rubber dinghy on the open sea, four dishevelled men show the terrible risks refugees take to reach Europe.
ROME, Dhu-AlQa'dah 26, 1435, Sep 21, 2014, SPA -- The Italian coast guard said a cargo ship has rescued at least 55 migrants from Libyan waters after their rubber dinghy capsized.
A neighbor on the bay, faced with my sad story, was conned into letting me put the dinghy on his dock for the summer.
Last year we bought a new dinghy and 20 hp motor for our annual 3-week summer trip to The Bahamas.