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a small boat of shallow draft with cross thwarts for seats and rowlocks for oars with which it is propelled

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The Somali migrants - 82 men and a woman - were picked up from a 10-metre rubber dinghy that began taking in water about 31 nautical miles south of Malta, according to a report of DPA.
When we got in the dinghy and I saw the huge waves, I wanted to turn back.
And the stunned US family on the boat towing the dinghy could be heard in their footage saying: "They're looking, they're just like 'where did he go?
The two men were seen having difficulties returning to the shore as their dinghy was being washed down river towards the wood jetty at the marina.
TWO men aboard a dinghy which got swept down a fast-flowing river were rescued by lifeboat.
5m sail One Person Dinghy (men) < < One Person Dinghy (men) - Laser full rig One Person Dinghy (women) < < One Person Dinghy (women) - Laser Radial Two Person Dinghy (men) < < Two Person Dinghy (men) - 470 Two Person Dinghy (women) < < Two Person Dinghy (women) - 470 Heavyweight dinghy (mixed) < < Heavyweight dinghy (mixed)-Finn Skiff (mixed) < < Skiff (mixed) - 49er Keelboat (mixed) < < Keelboat (mixed) - Star Women's Match Racing < < Women's Match Racing-Elliott 6m's
Sinky puffed up his blubbery chest, threw back his head, opened his slobbering jowls, roared and dove toward the dinghy, disappearing underwater before popping back up to resume his post.
The team from Rugby will be among 100 clubs and teams from around the country in the event which is billed as one of the dinghy sailing world's highlights.
Our amazing collection kicked off yesterday with a FREE Hoverplane and today we're giving you a Police Dinghy.
For the first two days of the event, competing sailors will also be provided with world class coaching and tips from some of the world's best dinghy sailors, including Hugh Styles, the World Youth Sailing Trust's Coach; Shirley Robertson OBE, double Olympic gold medal winner and Tovar Mirsky, skipper of Oman Sail's The Wave, Muscat Extreme 40.
He jumped in a rubber dinghy and rowed out to sea, securing the bin to the boat with a rope line.
Keith Thompson, Director of epi International, said, "The series is truly open to all yachtsmen and dinghy sailors.
Searchers in freezing Antarctic waters found two anti-whaling activists yesterday after their inflatable dinghy became lost in heavy fog, the international conservation group Sea Shepherd said.
Turnbridge engineering firm Cummins Turbo Technologies has sponsored a specialised dinghy at Otley Sailing Club.