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a small boat of shallow draft with cross thwarts for seats and rowlocks for oars with which it is propelled

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North Wales operations manager Jim Paton said: "We have had calls to ban people using dinghies, jet skis and windsurfers before.
While the ILB waited on the shoreline, the crew were alerted to a further two inflatable dinghies, again each with two people on board and drifting out to sea.
Oliver, 12, of Adfern, said: "We used our dinghies to flank the dolphins while Angus pushed through the middle with his big boat.
Later yesterday afternoon, Moelfre RNLI crews recovered four empty dinghies from waters off the same beach - one was four and a half miles out to sea.
INFLATABLE dinghies have been causing headaches for the coastguard in Wales.
Lee Jackson, press officer for Staithes Lifeboat, said: "Once again, this proves how vulnerable youngsters can be in these dinghies.
COAST GUARDS yesterday hit out at the 'madness' of parents who allowed youngsters to risk their lives in the sea on tiny inflatable dinghies.
A COASTGUARD warned of the dangers of using inflatable dinghies in the sea after four rescue dramas off Anglesey yesterday.
A FATHER and son were rescued from the sea twice after taking flimsy inflatable dinghies into dangerous waters in two days.
Youngsters could be "committing suicide" by sailing in rubber dinghies off the Teesside coast.
COASTGUARDS warned of the dangers of using inflatable dinghies after four rescues in one day off Benllech beach.
Today, concerned lifeboat crews reiterated the dangers of dinghies at sea and told day trippers exactly how to react if an inflatable blows away.
Hours earlier Coastguards and police issued a warning about the dangers of using lilos and dinghies at sea.
There will be 32 teams taking part in Firefly dinghies, including top contestants from the home country and a number of foreign contenders.
Each time, children were in danger of drowning after they took to the sea in small, inflatable dinghies.