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Synonyms for dinge

discoloration due to dirtiness


make a dent or impression in

make dingy

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Scientists also aren't sure why humans might have evolved lunar rhythms, though some marine organisms have lunar clocks to keep track of tides, Dinges says.
Margins are a key area for Hon Hai, as the company is working to implement higher wage rates in its large facilities in China, while shifting production over the next several quarters to lower-cost regions in that country," Dinges said.
Such a system might involve dual power packs in which one would be turned off when it is not needed, Dinges said.
Americans sleep less than they used to, and this could be part of the reason why more of us are now overweight," says David Dinges, Chief of the Division of Sleep and Chronobiology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
There are other gaps in young adults' faith knowledge, according to William Dinges, a professor of religious studies at Catholic University and a member of the Life Cycle Institute.
It's a conflict as old as the church itself, says William Dinges, associate professor of religion at Catholic University of America.
Gillian d'Hondt of Pacific had 27 points to lead all scorers and Nancy Dinges added 11 points for the Tigers, who shot 60.
La Bounty Chair of Interdisciplinary Applied Knowledge at California State University Pomona, is the co-author, with John Dinges, of "Assassination on Embassy Row" (Pantheon, 1980) and is a senior fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies.
Martin Dinges surveys the relatively limited impact of Michel Foucault on the German historiography of criminal justice, social discipline, and medicalization.
In another book, John Dinges similarly describes him as "our man in Panama.
According to Dinges, the commitment by these contact people contributed to the success of ASCE's 1990-1991 legislative year.
As well, we have just drilled a new water well at one of the households that is making clean water, so we know that this is also a viable solution," Dinges added.
Dinges added, "Our reserve growth continues to be driven primarily by our organic drilling programs in the Marcellus Shale and Eagle Ford Shale, where we have an extensive inventory of future drilling projects that will continue to allow for reserve growth in 2015 despite reduced activity levels.
Cabot CEO Dan Dinges said : "This long-term firm sales agreement is another milestone for Cabot's marketing efforts and ensures the continuing development of our Marcellus Shale position in Northeast Pennsylvania for years to come".