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Synonyms for dinge

discoloration due to dirtiness


make a dent or impression in

make dingy

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For Dinge, this angle includes vast areas of calm and relative quiet interrupted by brief bursts of vigorous, sometimes aggressive creative energy.
Simultaneously unsettling and magnetic, Stifters Dinge centers on a sculpture made of five grand pianos, all of which are played mechanically.
Doen jy dinge wat skadelik virjou gesondheid is om hierdie idee van skoonheid te bereik?
Ein obliquer Blick ist auf schweigende Voraussetzungen gerichtet, in denen Dinge meinen Leib erfassen und ich durch meinen Leib auf sie ubergreife, "d.
Esto quiere decir que habria sido de todo punto absurdo que Wittgenstein recomendara la lectura de Uber die letzten Dinge (3), pues esta obra de Weininger solo estaba disponible en aleman: una lengua que era desconocida para casi todos sus amigos britanicos.
Hans Kung, Der Anfang aller Dinge, Naturwissenschaft und Religion (The beginning of all things, science and religion), Piper, 247 pages, Munich and Zurich, 2005
18/19) waar die relatiewe waarde van dinge soos modegiere aan die orde gestel word.
So ist der Stand der Dinge zwischen den beiden weltgrossten Lieferanten von tiefgekuhltem Orangensaftkonzentrat.
Original title: 2 oder 3 dinge, die ich von ihm weiss.
Their winning song Ding Dinge Dong included the classic line: "Dinge Dong every hour, when you pick a flower, even when your lover is gone gone gone.
It is better presented than Forthlin Road was and they have achieved a certain kind of postwar dinge which suits the place and actually seems to tickle the people who visit.
Peter Fischli and David Weiss say Honda's 60-second commercial, entitled Cog, copies key elements of their 30-minute film, Der Lauf Der Dinge (The Way Things Go), which was made in 1987.
I've watched as week by week acres of gorse bushes have turned from dull dark dinge into clouds of glorious gold.
Until its conclusion, the "Apollo," like the "Panther," is one of Rilke's exact, prayerful observations of die Dinge ("things") in which object and observer become one.
Wolfgang Matz, Adalbert Stifter oder Diese Furchterliche Wendung der Dinge (Munich and Vienna, Carl Hanser Verlag, 1995), 406 pages with notes and selected bibliography, 57DM.