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a silly empty-headed person

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There is also a charade song for people to get, a trivia question, Dingbat brainteaser and a joke.
Resource projects have not come under pressure because of politics, they are beleaguered because speculators played dingbat with commodity prices and now the latecomers have to bear the consequences.
Dingbat Alley, Dingbat Alley, 2001 Masonry Way, Suite 106, Bellingham, WA 98226.
Kids who should have been offered apprenticeships were fobbed off with dingbat degrees in Nail Varnishing Technique, Soap Opera Analysis or Armpit Hygiene.
But as we departed for the evening hunt, I inquired of our driver Hap just where the dingbat would be posted.
It was nicknamed the Dingbat because when I looked the next day, it was covered in dings
His best friend, Cowboy (Guillermo Diaz), is losing his band-mate/ boyfriend to drugs; Egg (Sarah Lassez) makes the fatal mistake of succumbing to the Teen Idol (Jaason Simmons of TV's Baywatch); Dingbat (Christina Applegate) has a crush on Ducky (Scott Caan), who has the hots for Alyssa (Jordan Ladd), who has eyes only for Elvis (Thyme Lewis).
As a statement of the obvious, that takes some beating, Lieut Dingbat Smith.
The TRUE STORY takes place in the roach-ridden Lower Haight, in a Pepto Bismal-pink dingbat apartment at 237 Steiner.
The next time you watch a fishing boat chug into a flag-fluttering wind, don't utter "tsk, tsk, tsk" in pity and conclude the skipper's a dingbat.
The professional designers' eye-catching, but somewhat arbitrary, font and dingbat manipulations inevitably transform Jerman's statement into bunting fit for an outdoor advertisement or a parade, but hardly for a protest.
He says: "I do enjoy the Dingbat section of your paper; admittedly it is a bit of a task to find the thing when you jiggle the sections about for frivolous reasons, like the job section
I felt like some dingbat on a reality show that just realized the other housemates have a strategy
Riding her horse Dingbat, she took part in the dressage event at the Horse Trials at Weston Park in Shropshire.
Don't be a dingbat, get it on your shopping list now.