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dine on or off something

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have supper

give dinner to

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Besides I wish you to meet some of my friends and dine with me, since you have so lately entertained me at your board.
The faithful invited the Abbe de Sponde to their several houses; and Monsieur de Valois paid his debt by inviting him to dine at the Marquis d'Esgrignon's.
At the moment when she is struggling in the convulsions of death, a vulture is flying by (there are a good many vultures in Adelmonte's country); this bird darts on the dead fowl, and carries it away to a rock, where it dines off its prey.
Does she dine out every where, as well as at my sister's?
Eh, monsieur," said Vatel, shrinking from monseigneur to monsieur with a degree of disdain: "your cellar is so well stocked that when certain of your guests dine with you they have nothing to drink.
The LONDON JOURNAL duke always has his "little place" at Maidenhead; and the heroine of the three-volume novel always dines there when she goes out on the spree with somebody else's husband.
The Princess dines at seven, and I shall be here in time to lead you to the drawing-room, where you will be privileged to meet the lovely Ruler of Oz.
He tells what he thinks and what he feels, where and when he dines, when he gets up, and when he goes to bed, all the gossiping details interesting to one who loves us and whom we love.
Mr Gallanbile dines late on the day of rest, in order to prevent the sinfulness of the cook's dressing herself.
He dines with me on the day of Austerlitz, on the Emperor's birthday, and on the anniversary of the disaster at Waterloo, and during the dessert he always receives a napoleon to pay for his wine very quarter.
At sea, or in the forest, or in the snow, he sleeps as warm, dines with as good appetite, and associates as happily as beside his own chimneys.
I have a resident doctor here, a very delightful person, who often dines with us, but to-night I thought not.
You see, Miss Sharp, when I'm not here Tinker's on board wages: when I'm in town she dines with the family.
It was so pleasant, too, to dine in a comfortable peignoir.
Weston would take no denial; they must all dine at Randalls one day;even Mr.