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Synonyms for diner

Synonyms for diner

a person eating a meal (especially in a restaurant)

a passenger car where food is served in transit

a restaurant that resembles a dining car

References in classic literature ?
The only memorable thing he said was when, in a pause of gorging himself "with these French dishes" he deliberately let his eyes roam over the little tables occupied by parties of diners, and remarked that his wife did for a moment think of coming down with him, but that he was glad she didn't do so.
The crowd of diners and attendants that tumbled helter-skelter down the passages divided into two groups.
Diners, heimgangers, shop-girls, confidence men, panhandlers, actors, highwaymen, millionaires and outlanders hurried, skipped, strolled, sneaked, swaggered and scurried by me; but I took no note of them.
And still, as at first, howsoever, the dining circle widens, it is to be observed that all the diners are consistent in appearing to go to the Veneerings, not to dine with Mr and Mrs Veneering (which would seem to be the last thing in their minds), but to dine with one another.
Dear Secret Diner, Saigon (reviewed two weeks ago) has now closed, and reopened as The Gentleman.
MIAMI and MONTREAL, July 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- As the annual secret affair known as "Le Diner en Blanc" pops up in select cities around the globe this year, modern luxury cruise brand Celebrity Cruises will be bringing a taste of its award-winning onboard experience to Diner en Blanc attendees.
The iconic diner on Route 20 near the Worcester line and the long-closed Edgemere Drive-In reopened last Veterans Day, and since then business has been steady, according to co-owners Michael Novick of Worcester and Stephen E.
com, com, PS15 John Lewis diner tomato sauce bottle, www.
A NEW American-style diner in Liverpool has created 50 jobs.
Kaucher with the assistance of Kat Berry and The Chicago Diner Crew, "The New Chicago Diner Cookbook: Meat-Free Recipes from America's Veggie Diner" is an elegantly illustrated, 180 page compendium comprised of palate pleasing, appetite satisfying, nutritious, 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes.
The OpenTable service enables diners to see which restaurants have available tables, select a restaurant based on verified diner reviews, menus and other helpful information, and easily book a reservation.
In America on a Plate: The Story of the Diner (9pm, BBC4,29 November), Stephen Smith takes a road trip across the US in a swanky red car, making regular pit-stops at some of the country's iconic diners to "eat nothing but honest-to-God, home-cooked diner chow".
The Pearly Diner welcomed its first guests to enjoy the ultimate meal of their choosing at a secret location.
A Warner Bros neon sign, a shiny Harley Davidson and a Route 66 tin sign are among the cool memorabilia decorating the newly opened Roadster diner, thereby creating a true dining experience from 1950s America.
Roadster diner is a one-of-a-kind place that showcases the spirit of the great diner experience, complete with private dining booths, pedestal stools and memorabilia on the walls.