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Synonyms for diner

Synonyms for diner

a person eating a meal (especially in a restaurant)

a passenger car where food is served in transit

a restaurant that resembles a dining car

References in classic literature ?
The only memorable thing he said was when, in a pause of gorging himself "with these French dishes" he deliberately let his eyes roam over the little tables occupied by parties of diners, and remarked that his wife did for a moment think of coming down with him, but that he was glad she didn't do so.
The crowd of diners and attendants that tumbled helter-skelter down the passages divided into two groups.
The last tardy diners are scarcely given time to finish, before the tables and the debris are shoved into the corner, and the chairs and the babies piled out of the way, and the real celebration of the evening begins.
You forget that I'm not an ideal character, either," said Mary, in the same low and very earnest tones, which, in spite of being almost inaudible, surrounded their table with an atmosphere of concentration which was quite perceptible to the other diners, who glanced at them now and then with a queer mixture of kindness, amusement, and curiosity.
A New Jersey diner has been charging an 18 percent gratuity or a so-called "teen-tax" on meals ordered by kids because the diner's owner reportedly claimed that youngsters don't tip, reports said Monday.
Retro American chain Ed's Easy Diner was originally due to form part of the long list of new eateries opening at intu Eldon Square's PS25m Grey's Quarter, where the first restaurants are now serving customers.
The iconic diner on Route 20 near the Worcester line and the long-closed Edgemere Drive-In reopened last Veterans Day, and since then business has been steady, according to co-owners Michael Novick of Worcester and Stephen E.
com, com, PS15 John Lewis diner tomato sauce bottle, www.
A NEW American-style diner in Liverpool has created 50 jobs.
Kaucher with the assistance of Kat Berry and The Chicago Diner Crew, "The New Chicago Diner Cookbook: Meat-Free Recipes from America's Veggie Diner" is an elegantly illustrated, 180 page compendium comprised of palate pleasing, appetite satisfying, nutritious, 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes.
In America on a Plate: The Story of the Diner (9pm, BBC4,29 November), Stephen Smith takes a road trip across the US in a swanky red car, making regular pit-stops at some of the country's iconic diners to "eat nothing but honest-to-God, home-cooked diner chow".
The Pearly Diner welcomed its first guests to enjoy the ultimate meal of their choosing at a secret location.
Coxe added that Jesse Diner "has been for years the source of advice for each president with whom he served on the Board of Governors.
When Jesse Diner was seven years old, he and his parents boarded a train to travel from their Hollywood home to visit relatives in New York City.
And the diner is a place for a quick meal--the diner is practical--or a spot to linger over coffee and pie that is still homemade--the diner is entertaining.