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dine on or off something

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have supper

give dinner to

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He also wanted to be sure that the forest-keeper knew that the professor and his daughter were going to dine in the laboratory, and how he had come to know it.
Elton; a most valuable, amiable, pleasing young man undoubtedly, and very much in love with Harriet; but still, he cannot refuse an invitation, he must dine out wherever he is asked.
I know nothing of the large parties of London, sirI never dine with any body.
How glad they had been to hear papa invite him to stay dinner, how sorry when he said it was quite out of his power, and how glad again when he had promised in reply to papa and mamma's farther pressing invitations to come and dine with them on the morrow--actually on the morrow; and he had promised it in so pleasant a manner, as if he felt all the motive of their attention just as he ought.
Charles Musgrove, indeed, afterwards, shewed more of inclination; "the child was going on so well, and he wished so much to be introduced to Captain Wentworth, that, perhaps, he might join them in the evening; he would not dine from home, but he might walk in for half an hour.
His father very much wished him to meet Captain Wentworth, and there being no sufficient reason against it, he ought to go; and it ended in his making a bold, public declaration, when he came in from shooting, of his meaning to dress directly, and dine at the other house.
Anne was now at hand to take up her own cause, and the sincerity of her manner being soon sufficient to convince him, where conviction was at least very agreeable, he had no farther scruples as to her being left to dine alone, though he still wanted her to join them in the evening, when the child might be at rest for the night, and kindly urged her to let him come and fetch her, but she was quite unpersuadable; and this being the case, she had ere long the pleasure of seeing them set off together in high spirits.
Additionally, Najm Just Dine loyalty program offers diners further value-added discounts and special offers at participating restaurants.
Whether they wish to enjoy more time in a specific port of call one day and dine later that evening, or whether they wish to keep a traditional set dining time, it's all about choice.
The 24-page, heavily illustrated magalog promoting the investment newsletter The Dines Letter impressed The Newsletter on Newsletters judges in the Newsletters Promotion Awards Competition enough to give it the 2003 Gold Award in the Investment Newsletter category.
With its new "Personal Choice Dining" program, Princess introduces new restaurant-style seating that enables passengers to dine when and with whom they wish, just as they would be able to do at a shoreside restaurant at home.
You can't talk about objects in the early '60s without mentioning Dine (born in 1935) and his older colleagues, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, all rummaging around to see what object could be forced into a shotgun wedding with a canvas.
At dinner, regulars like to dine out there because they are hidden.
Similarly, the 'Water' menu allows guests to enter the central swimming pool where their feet are immersed in water as they dine on gourmet seafood and water-thriving ingredients.