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dine on or off something

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have supper

give dinner to

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You can come and dine three times a week," said Mme.
Collins no sooner saw the two girls than he began to congratulate them on their good fortune, which Charlotte explained by letting them know that the whole party was asked to dine at Rosings the next day.
Seth, lad," he said, "the captain has sent to say I'm to dine upstairs--he wishes it particular, Mr.
Certainly he does, monsieur, and that is the reason why he dines there with pleasure.
How glad they had been to hear papa invite him to stay dinner, how sorry when he said it was quite out of his power, and how glad again when he had promised in reply to papa and mamma's farther pressing invitations to come and dine with them on the morrow--actually on the morrow; and he had promised it in so pleasant a manner, as if he felt all the motive of their attention just as he ought.
By-the-bye, Charles," he inquired, "if you ask a non-member to dinner, you have to dine in the strangers' room, I suppose?
It is no small privilege to dine with your Excellency.
After dining once at the house of this unimportant official, des Lupeaulx made up his mind to dine there often.
His ten dollars, discreetly expended, would enable the two to dine very well indeed.
Could the murderer have known that you would dine there that evening?
Come along, and dine in Russell Square to-day: both of you.
She merely sent a brief note to her brother to tell him that he must not fail to dine at home.
Skinner was not in the garb usually affected by men of the world who are invited to dine out.
Immediately upon this, Twemlow received an invitation to dine with Veneering, and dined: the man being of the party.
For, like the Coronation banquet at Frankfort, where the German Emperor profoundly dines with the seven