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Synonyms for dinar

100 dinars equal 1 rial in Iran

the basic unit of money in Yugoslavia

the basic unit of money in Tunisia

the basic unit of money in Libya

the basic unit of money in Kuwait

the basic unit of money in Jordan

the basic unit of money in Iraq

the basic unit of money in Bahrain

the basic unit of money in Algeria

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The dinar, worth just a tenth of one US cent, is experiencing additional downward pressure as a result of international economic sanctions imposed on neighboring Iran and Syria.
Dinar Trade continues to offer full purchase by the popular COD option, as well as wire transfer, or mail in payment.
In other words, instead of reducing the trade deficit as envisaged by the IMF, the decline in the value of the dinar has, on the contrary, widened this trade deficit.
My business partner gave us a tip that the Iraqi dinar would be converted into the US dollar and when that happens the dinar would soar in value," says Jim Lacko out of Pennsylvania.
The dinar price against the dollar has declined by 3.
The Tunisian dinar has lost more than 20% of its value against the euro in 2017 because of the size of the country's current account deficit, which put pressure on the foreign exchange market.
The Tunisian dinar has even tumbled against other foreign currencies.
540 actions nouvelles de nominale d'un (1) Dinar chacune, qui seront attribuees gratuitement aux anciens actionnaires et aux cessionnaires de droits d'attribution en bourse, a raison d'une (01) nouvelle action gratuite pour (04) quatre actions anciennes.
3 milliards dinar de prets remboursables sur quatre ans.
05 billion dinars), the deficit rose by more than 1,200 billion dinars (+ 25%), according to "the provisional results of the State budget execution - November 2017," just published by the Finance Ministry.
It slipped into a loss during the third quarter, of 88,369 dinars set off by foreign currency translation adjustments.
000 dinars (four billion two hundred seventy-four million eight hundred and sixty-three thousand dinars): (2.
Ce manque a gagner, en termes de recettes fiscales, a ete de 7,7 mds de dinars en 2005, de 31 mds de dinars en 2006 puis de 38,8 mds de dinars en 2007, selon les chiffres fournis par cette source.
84 billion dinars in the 2012-2013 fiscal year to 22.
0 billion dinars in the current fiscal year, and revenues of 18.