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Synonyms for dinar

100 dinars equal 1 rial in Iran

the basic unit of money in Yugoslavia

the basic unit of money in Tunisia

the basic unit of money in Libya

the basic unit of money in Kuwait

the basic unit of money in Jordan

the basic unit of money in Iraq

the basic unit of money in Bahrain

the basic unit of money in Algeria

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A dealer said that 'poor key indicators, increased subsidised lending in dinars, more demand for the euro, weak offer of the common currency - it all pushed the dinar's rate.
The fundamentals for buying the dinar are precarious.
Saleh estimated the government will exchange more than 30 trillion Iraqi dinars, or more than $26 billion dollars.
9 billion dinars in spending in the current year, while revenue is estimated at 13.
Ryan's bill provides that if Iraq becomes officially dollarized, the United States could rebate to Iraq most of the seigniorage (profit) from the dollar paper money and coins used to replace Iraqi dinars in circulation.
The foreign currency division currently holds 1,000,000,000 Vietnamese Dong and 135,000,000 Iraq Dinar.
Dinar Trade has stated this programme will be followed by the release of additional innovative investing options.
will be purchasing new Iraq Dinar currency for this dividend.
Dinar Bank facilitate commercial banking relationships for Iraq's Al Warka Bank.
3 million dinars in the first half of this year compared to a loss of 385,000 dinars for the same period last year.
Currency traders who spoke to RPN recalled when the Kuwaiti dinar declined to a valuation of 10 cents after the invasion by Iraq.
KuwaitCOs central bank confirmed on Wednesday it is withdrawing a temporary facility to cover dinar positions in the interbank markets.
Pink Sheets: SBRV) today announced that the company has added an additional 35,000,000 Iraq Dinar to its foreign currency portfolio.
These hypotheses involve, in particular, the dollar exchange rate compared to the dinar and the price of oil barrel.
Pink Sheets: SBRV), today announced that the company has joined the United States and has invested in the Iraq economy, by purchasing 100,000,000 Iraq Dinar.