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Dimwit American blazers ensured that Owens's career was effectively over after Berlin.
10,000 BC dimwit Jay taking this urgent phone call from his girlfriend who gave birth unaware she was even pregnant: "You've got a son
HER dimwit comments made Jade Goody a household name.
And for the ones who are thinking about jumping on the offended bus and trying to claim their folk songs aren't sectarian anymore, blame one of your own dimwit supporters for providing enough evidence to hang your club high.
Simon, allow me to apologise on behalf of this dimwit.
In reality, it became a nature v nurture tussle, but the fact that Prasad is a scientist and not another dollybird dimwit was the programme's saviour.
Now their dimwit kids Deano and Chelsea are going to jail.
IN yesterday's Daily Post we were head-scratchingly bewildered by the sheer stupidity of swastika-clad Prince Dimwit.
No, the dimwit today has to go to Irish Ray for his temple-throbbing language on last night's show.
As dimwit Peggy, fat Phil and weird kid Ben prepared to leave, Ronnie's scrubber sibling Roxy whispered: "It's like being with the Addams family.
Prince Dimwit attended a fancy dress party in World War II German military uniform, complete with a Swastika on the sleeve of his shirt.
MICHELLE Odds 14/1 The wannabe glamour model dragged her dimwit would-be lover Stu under the table with a net and grappling hook.
They're all gonna fail though because today's dimwit must be Tania.
Torn between two losers, rotten rat Rob suddenly decided that mad May was a better bet than dimwit Dawn.
The Whole 10 Yards (12A) Hit man Bruce Willis and dimwit Matthew Perry in uninspired comedy sequel.