dimpled chad

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a chad that has been punched or dimpled but all four corners are still attached

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An increasingly chaotic battle ensued about "undervotes," "overvotes," "butterfly ballots," "hanging and dimpled chads.
It's common for a recount to discover some ballots that have been miscounted, but the errors are usually few in number - at least in Oregon, where ballots are seldom plagued by confusing configurations and don't feature such oddities as dimpled chads.
ELECTRONIC touchscreen voting was supposed to rescue us from the vagaries of butterfly ballots and dimpled chads, but e-voting is turning out to have its own share of problems.
And while most of my peers think it's a really cool idea, lowering the voting age isn't such a cool idea to a lot of adults who remember the reason Palm Beach County gained electoral infamy four years ago: the notorious presidential election, with all those pregnant and dimpled chads.
This was evidenced in the Florida debacle as teams of inspectors from both the elephant and donkey factions pried over hanging, pregnant, and dimpled chads.
Research done before the election on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union - which attempted to delay the election - concluded that 40,000 votes would be lost in counties using punch-card machines because of the poor performance of the machines, which left hanging, pregnant and dimpled chads that gained worldwide fame in the 2000 presidential race in Florida.
He devoted an entire segment of his program to substantiate his allegation that election officials in Florida had deliberately dimpled chads for Al Gore by stacking ballots three thick and then pressing with the stylus.
Is the closet we come out of stacked full of discarded ballots with dimpled chads from previous votes when we decided not to come out?
Others accepted ballots with hanging chads, pregnant chads, dimpled chads, etc.
Interpreting ballots with dimpled chads, Republicans said, was like trying to read the minds of voters.
An increasingly chaotic battle ensued about "legal votes," "undervotes," "overvotes" and "hanging or dimpled chads.
The ballots are then tallied using an optical scanner, but errors occur because of multiple marks or incomplete marks like those caused by hanging or dimpled chads on punch cards.
More to the story than just dimpled chads and butterfly ballots
It was just too late by a month--a month of hanging and dimpled chads, of personal attacks on those who stood in the way of a daring "vote-mining" scheme, of endless political spin, and of legal maneuvering that in the end proved to be self-defeating.