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(chemistry) the property of certain substances that enables them to exist in two distinct crystalline forms

(biology) the existence of two forms of individual within the same animal species (independent of sex differences)

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An independent t-test was used to assess the presence of statistically significant sexual dimorphism between males and females in conchal measurements.
2008: Sexual size dimorphism and determination of sex in Atlantic yellow-legged gulls Larus michahellis lusitanius from Northern Spain.
Variation in lower limb rigidity and shape is compared between populations, and sexual dimorphism in lower limb morphology is used to assess potential differences in the division of labor between samples.
Studies on the sex difference of internal organ mass can not only help to understand the dimorphism of physiological function, but also explain the evolution of internal organs.
Our understanding of the pattern of sexual dimorphism across the range of the American black bear is limited but can be enhanced through the study of skull features Furthermore, by comparing the range-wide pattern of SSD in black bears with that of other carnivores, we can begin to hypothesize mechanisms of SSD in general.
org/core/journals/paleobiology/article/recognizing-sexual-dimorphism-in-the-fossil-record-lessons-from-nonavian-dinosaurs/76D9931163D564D386E86ACF686E586D) Paleobiology , many species of the extinct dinosaurs have been tied to sexual dimorphism but "quantifiable data are often lacking.
The evolution of reversed sexual size dimorphism in hawks, falcons and owls: a comparative study.
Shape variation: Sexual shape dimorphism was not significant in all the studied sites (P > 0.
4] Though there have been previous studies on sexual dimorphism in femur, it has been found that magnitude of sex related differences depends on the particular regional population.
10 however the study of Fouad and colleagues25 found no statistically significant sexual dimorphism in dental and soft tissue analysis.
We found significant sexual dimorphism in physical aggression but not in other subscales of aggression such as verbal aggression, anger, and hostility.
Sexual dimorphism can be an important evolutionay adaptation mechanism, conditioning sexual selection and diminishing intraspecific competition by encreasing nich partioning (Hedrick & Temeles, 1989; Herler et al.
Sexual dimorphism in the Nile tilapia is a fact, although the need of selection programs for males and females has never been reported (Lind et al.
This study also aimed to discover if follicle dimorphism and premature follicle opening in H.