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occurring or existing in two different forms


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In species where vocalizations are sexually dimorphic, such as the Ma'oma'o, using recordings and automatic techniques to recognize vocalizations may be useful for the future assessment of sex ratios.
On the other hand, it's well documented that lesser snow geese are dimorphic.
Taken together, these experimental and epidemiological observations suggest that in utero exposure to PCBs, and perhaps to PCDD/Fs, may interfere with endocrine systems during development and particularly with the functioning of the HPG axis, thus modifying sexually dimorphic brain development with subsequent permanent behavioral alterations in boys and girls.
Bite-force performance and head shape in a sexually dimorphic crevicedwelling lizard, the common chuckwalla (Sauromalus ater (=obesus)).
Leaves monomorphic (Cyclopeltis, Dracoglossum) or dimorphic (Lomariopsis).
Paracoccidioides brasiliensis is a dimorphic fungus that can disseminate and cause clinically significant disease characterized by ulcerative granulomatous lesions of the buccal, nasal, and, occasionally, gastrointestinal mucosa.
Antennal length is a sexually dimorphic character with the antennae of the male being significantly longer than that of the female.
In the giant wood spider Nephila pilipes, a highly sexually dimorphic and polygamous species, many small males compete with one other for access to a few huge females.
The wing pattern of Elaphromyia is probably the most similar to that of Manicomyia, but unlike the other genera, Elaphromyia is not sexually dimorphic in the wing pattern.
Some appropriate questions from you are (1) "What does sexually dimorphic mean?
Third antennal segment sexually dimorphic, uniform slender and slightly swollen at tip in male, apically clavate in female; hemelytra subparallel to elongate-oval, apically rounded in macropters, apically acuminate and divergent in brachypters Melanorhopala Stal
Differences in germination percentage between dimorphic seeds reported in previous studies [17,7] may have resulted from differences in seed size rather than seed morphology.
He said: "If we thought they are suffering from a thing called body dimorphic disorder I have referred people to a psychologist.
2010), the effects on stress hormone release are sexually dimorphic with female rodents exhibiting greater increases in corticotropin levels than male rodents.