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a rheostat that varies the current through an electric light in order to control the level of illumination

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If you're looking to add character to a room or create an intimate, cosy atmosphere in an instant, dimmer switches are ideal.
There will be dimmer switches which will be used at appropriate times and residents will see very little change.
The Conservative-run council insists dimmer switches will deliver cuts in bills and energy.
Queen's researchers have been motivated to solve two problems with compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs): they don't work with dimmer switches, and, more importantly, its energy efficiency is compromised because of a problem known as poor power factor.
In two rooms I have dimmer switches and as I've discovered energy saving light bulbs aren't compatible with them.
Lighting is important to create a restful and welcome ambience in the home so you can use dimmer switches to tone down bright central pendants, or use concealed lighting under shelves or in the floor.
They cannot be used with dimmer switches or electronically-triggered security lights and cannot be used in microwaves, ovens or freezers because they will not function above 60c or below 20c.
NEW street lighting on Britain's main roads may be fitted with dimmer switches to cut down on pollution.
Using lighting controls and dimmer switches to lengthen the 'day' the plants experience enabled UK growers to produce a stronger "super poinsettia" as it keeps the plant 'green' for longer delaying the appearance of red leaves.
Manufacturers have introduced sensors, timers and dimmer switches, which help end users reduce energy costs.
IOve now been told that all dimmer switches buzz like this.
Key policies included: Helping asylum seekers by erecting huge signs outside asylums, fitting bright pupils with dimmer switches so they don't distract their classmates, offering free university tuition to all students named Grant and labelling all fast food with the warning 'may contain traces of real food
There's neon lights, fiberglass lighting for pools, portable lights that look as if they'd be in your family room but are made for the outdoors and dimmer switches available.
Seek man-made geo-pathic fields around electrical devices such as fuse boxes and dimmer switches.
There are dimmer switches to principal bedrooms and reception rooms, which also have remote operation of table lamps.