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a rheostat that varies the current through an electric light in order to control the level of illumination

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in attitude; so, probably, did the old woman in her dimmer part of the room.
And there was more that passed through her mind--sensations of tiredness and loneliness; trampling squadrons and shadowy armies of vague feelings and vaguer prompting; and deeper and dimmer whisperings and echoings, the flutterings of forgotten generations crystallized into being and fluttering anew and always, undreamed and unguessed, subtle and potent, the spirit and essence of life that under a thousand deceits and masks forever makes for life.
There were many little knots and groups of persons in Westminster Hall: some few looking upward at its noble ceiling, and at the rays of evening light, tinted by the setting sun, which streamed in aslant through its small windows, and growing dimmer by degrees, were quenched in the gathering gloom below; some, noisy passengers, mechanics going home from work, and otherwise, who hurried quickly through, waking the echoes with their voices, and soon darkening the small door in the distance, as they passed into the street beyond; some, in busy conference together on political or private matters, pacing slowly up and down with eyes that sought the ground, and seeming, by their attitudes, to listen earnestly from head to foot.
Under the over-swinging lamps--swinging ever brighter in the better streets, and ever dimmer in the worse--and by lighted shops, gay crowds, illuminated coffee-houses, and theatre-doors, to one of the city gates.
It would take him no more than two minutes to get out the box; he could make out the tree it was under by the pale strip where the bark was off, although the dawning light was rather dimmer in the thicket.
The dim light in the barn grew dimmer, and they could see to work no longer.
For in that part of the country, before reform had done its notable part in developing the political consciousness, there was a clearer distinction of ranks and a dimmer distinction of parties; so that Mr.
Last year I installed a dimmer switch on the ceiling fan in my living room.
Halo Home offers a complete package of integrated Bluetooth products that all work seamlessly together, whereas most other systems only offer a dimmer or a light bulb.
The team conducted a mice study, whereby rodents were allowed to choose between highly concentrated chocolate milk, which they like, under the presence of a bright light, which they don't, and an option with dimmer light but weaker chocolate milk.
Users simply pair the device with the Leviton Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer App and use on-screen menu options to control lights with Apple or Android smartphones or tablets within a 30-foot range.
As he examined the problem, I turned up the wall dimmer switch that controlled the floor lamp and all of a sudden the vacuum worked perfectly.
There were master levers that could control individual dimmers locked together, or a handle on each dimmer could be operated independently.
Dimmer is an app designed to control the brightness of your screen, particularly to reduce the brightness beyond the hardware.