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a strong cotton fabric with a raised pattern

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3 Subic titlist Radka Kahlefeldt of the Czech Republic banners the women's field that includes equally talented Dimity Lee Duke of Australia and Anna Eberhardt of Hungary.
The burly teen headbutted, punched, swore and made threats towards two constables who attended the house in Dimity Street, Johnstone, amid concerns for Miss Higgins' welfare.
Past recipients include The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO, Deborah Mailman, Dr Dimity Dornan AO and the late Diane Cilento, and I call upon Queenslanders everywhere to think hard about who should join that illustrious roll of honour, Ms Farmer said.
I say whiteness--for the dimity curtains dropped before a French bed, bounded my view" (168).
It is interesting to note that the author, Dimity Powell, was encouraged to seek publication for this original and compelling story after receiving the endorsement of several grief counselors who work with children and who recognized the need for a picture book approach to loss-based grief such as this.
The authors acknowledge Lauren Crosby, BS, Mark Byrne, MS, Ruchi Joshi, MS, and Jodie Conneely, BA, at the Center for Advanced Molecular Diagnostics for technical assistance; Ryan Abo, PhD, Trevor Pugh, PhD, Phani Davineni, MS, Larry Chung, MS, Chesley Leslin, PhD, Matthew Temple, MS, and Jay Fink, AS, for bioinformatics analysis and infrastructure development; Dimity Hall, BS, and Eric Reed, BS, for assistance in identification and procurement of validation samples; and Paul Van Hummelen, PhD, and the Center for Cancer Genome Discovery for shared expertise.
But a compromise has now been reached, according to Deputy Prime Minister Dimity Rogozin.
Her favourite science was the mathematical, Her noblest virtue was her magnanimity; Her wit (she sometimes tried at wit) was attic all, Her serious sayings darken'd to sublimity; In short, in all things she was fairly what I call A prodigy--her mourning dress was dimity.
Russian Prime Minister Dimity Medvedev described the incident on Wednesday, saying it was a "criminal action".
We're extremely pleased to join forces with Belilove as our exclusive Northern California Rep," says Dimity Ankerholz, Cashco Sales and Marketing Manager.
Dimity Convictions: The American Woman in the Nineteenth Century.
A description of a Newburyport, Massachusetts, home in 1834: "The room was furnished with white painted furniture, the dimity drapery of windows and bed were white, the straw matting on the floor was white.
68) As Dimity Kingsford -Smith has pointed out, ordinary retail investors have a wide variety of capabilities, and behavioural research shows that individuals often make irrational decisions against their own interests; they do not understand disclosure well; they often consent because they trust their adviser; and financial education is not very effective in changing irrational investor behaviour.
Dimity Motley presents a review from a pre-service teacher's point of view and Alice James, a practicing teacher, reviews four books.