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Synonyms for diminutiveness

the property of being very small in size

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Eschewing the moral problem of foot binding, he saw only beauty in the anatomical peculiarity: "her feet are of exquisite beauty and diminutiveness, not exceeding three inches in length.
Rather than diminutiveness, the way Russian expresses imperfective action is transferred to Veps and a parallel semantic change triggers a reanalysis of the suffix that is used as an aspect marker focusing on the action itself.
on top of which, incongruous in its diminutiveness, rested the noxious carven statuette" (138).
The above quotation is an evidence of the diminutiveness with which the people of the novel follow their gods.
Descriptions abound illustrating Sue's diminutiveness, and are applied to Sue by both the narrator and by Jude with saccharin and rather alarming regularity.
And while some at paddock-side may wonder at the 5ft diminutiveness of Franny Norton, who rides Chester Cup bottom-weight Dzesmin, they should note that the horse carries 8st 3lb not 4st nothing, and that Franny is remarkable in that he can comfortably do under 8st, not, like 'Kitch The Titch', under five.
447) gains in poignancy in inverse proportion to the poem's diminutiveness, the piano postlude with its chromatic meanderings a fitting response to the text's message that sleep is benefactor and friend as well as solace for lost happiness.
praseodymiums Einsteinium diminutiveness diminutiveness Erbium bumpier Europium promiscuousness Eupatorium W2 (5) Fermium flummeries