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Midnight arrived, and the enthusiasm showed no signs of diminution.
Just so," replied Nicholl; "but in what proportion do you estimate the diminution of speed by friction?
This diminution is considerable, but according to my calculations it is nothing less.
If under changed conditions of life a structure before useful becomes less useful, any diminution, however slight, in its development, will be seized on by natural selection, for it will profit the individual not to have its nutriment wasted in building up an useless structure.
The rooms in Coquimbo swarm with them; but they will not live here at the height of only three or four thousand feet: it can scarcely be the trifling diminution of temperature, but some other cause which destroys these troublesome insects at this place.
No recent English prose writer has exercised a wider influence than he, but none is likely to suffer as time goes on a greater diminution of reputation.
Soon, with one arm around her, she managed to win the first diminution in the strident, atrocious, unceasing scream.
Comparativement avec le bilan couvrant la meme periode de l'annee 2014, les services de la police notent une diminution en matiere du nombre d'accidents.
Clifford James Consultants Ltd (CJC) is one of the UK's market leaders in the provision of legal services around the diminution in value of motor vehicles, which is the loss in value of a vehicle following a road traffic accident.
Rabat - Le ministre charge des Affaires generales et de la gouvernance, Mohamed Najib Boulif "n'a a aucun moment fait de declaration au sujet d'une eventuelle diminution des subventions de certains produits", indique vendredi un communique du ministere, ajoutant que "la reduction des subventions n'a jamais ete evoquee".
En outre,la reunion a evoque de niveau de la criminialite et de la securite dans le pays qui a ete marque par une diminution importante au cours de la derniere periode et par l'augmentation des efforts preventifs de la police.
Plusieurs etudes qui se sont interessees a la question avaient deja montre le lien entre diminution du risque de cancer du sein et activite physique, mais sans rentrer dans les details de l'intensite, de la frequence et du type d'activite physique.
According to the Court of Appeals of Texas, diminution in value or stigma damages may be allowed where an appraiser familiar with such properties testifies that flooded homes generally suffer diminished market value.
De meme qu'est signale la stabilite du deficit de la balance commerciale du pays, lequel est de 25,1 milliards de dollars, et ce a cause de la diminution de 5,1% des revenus des exportations nationales.
The art of diminution is considered to be one of the unique contributions of the Renaissance.