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We've been riding on a rain-slick surface--it's past time to find dry ground and gain traction, to welcome the emerging future of religious life, stop blindly riding into the rain of diminishment waiting for the skid that will take us to the ground.
This diminishment of the body is also a diminishment of worldly experience, including the chronological time that we suffer through while here, and thus directly leads to the "tension between ehronos and kairos in relationship to Parousia" (156): while "parousia is simply a word that means 'presence,' and kairos could be accurately described as Parousia's point of accesss, a 'rupture,' through which this presence arrives" (182).
Since the presence of demons and the diminishment caused by illness are considered evidence of the power of evil in the world, people believe that exorcisms and healings are victories of God's power breaking the bonds of evil.
Perceiving Him as liable to offence or diminishment by even the worst efforts of His creations, sells Him short.
Prior to developing the constructive elements of this task, the first part of the book heightens the reader's sense of what is at stake in the diminishment of beauty by elucidating (1) the connection between the "loss of beauty" and the "perpetuation of violence" by considering Nietzsche's aesthetics via the critique of Rene Girard, and (2) Kierkegaard's negative view of aesthetics vis-a-vis the ethical and religious spheres of existence.
Failure to do so has likely led to the hastened diminishment of the newspaper industry and should serve as a warning to the Commission of what can happen to the marketplace when it ignores its deregulatory mandate and waits too long to adjust its rules.
These positive gains in both cognitive function and diminishment of depression symptoms continued for the duration of the trial, eight weeks after the 28-day treatment had stopped.
No human life is exempt from diminishment and pain.
The source said that what was needed at the moment was to put an end to the "mounting humiliation and diminishment of the Lebanese state's power.
What are some of the consequences you see of the diminishment of religion in our daily lives?
The diminishment of Arctic sea ice has led to increased human activities in the Arctic, and has heightened interest in, and concerns about, the region's future.
The new works, which include a couple of brightly hued paintings, represent not a diminishment but rather, a continuation of communicative signs that refuse to spell out an actual message while retaining the visual interest of specific information.
Mitchell believes that a concern over possible elimination or diminishment of the charitable income tax deduction was motivation for these and many other gifts from wealthy individuals.
Improving underlying economic fundamentals, the existence of large pent-up demand balances, and the diminishment of economic fiscal cliff uncertainty will combine to result in strong growth rates in 2013 and an increase in cement consumption, according to the latest forecast from the Portland Cement Association.
Any pain at a 6 or above on a 0-10 pain scale must be treated medically, he said, or attempts at treating the substance problem will be undermined by a diminishment of therapeutic trust and a lack of "attendance, attention, and intention.