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Further diminishment of the academy's balance sheet resources and liquidity is likely to result in negative rating pressure.
This is more than just a trend in data; it is symbolic of a diminishment of hope.
Still, Benedict XVI, who has already gone an extra several miles in accommodating the breakaway group, should insist that any reconciliation with the Lefebverites not come at further diminishment of conciliar reforms.
Microfield is pioneering smart software solutions that represent a revolutionary improvement in the field known as "demand response," enabling energy users to lower energy costs while generating additional revenues, all without any diminishment in their operations, services or comfort.
Consequently, diminishment of the endowment as a result of potentially higher spending is not anticipated.
I suspect, too, that the disassociation from growing our own food has meant the diminishment of the pleasure of hospitality.
This price decrease is caused by the diminishment in demand for fossil fuels, something we've seen frequently in Northern Europe.
Even if a current manager did thrive in the past, the time between today and the last recession is such that companies should expect some diminishment of skills', remarks Welles.
The Ma-Daly resolution cites "a significant diminishment of recreational space," and calls for a "one-for-one replacement of each square foot of recreational space demolished with a new recreational space on-site.
With the diminishment of physical fitness classes in schools throughout the country, McDonald's is pleased to provide Passport to Play as an exercise education option for educators and childcare providers throughout the Southland.
The very recent diminishment of orders leaves us no other choice at this time.
The digital and print images will highlight the significance of fresh water in our lives and how the diminishment of this precious resource is impacting local and worldwide communities.
The primary efficacy endpoint demonstrated a statistically significant decrease indicating the subjects had a diminishment in the symptoms associated with endometriosis.
The higher level of reserves had been providing protection against potential operating deficits and the diminishment is reflected in the rating downgrade.
The Stratics Attrition Predictor Indicators assess the risk of significant balance diminishment or account closure, including Total Household Deposit Attrition; Total Liquid Deposit Attrition; and Revolving Credit Balance Attrition.