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becoming smaller or less or appearing to do so

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Bank of Japan board member Miyako Suda has opined that the need for credit-easing measures is diminishing in Japan.
CLL 201 -- Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Fundamentals
We get to see and appreciate wild animals and learn about their diminishing habitat and perhaps wonder about our own.
The downside of the skyrocketing scrap price has been a diminishing of the competitive advantage formerly enjoyed by electric arc furnace steelmakers, MEPS says, though they have been able to pass along their increased costs to steel buyers, keeping their balance sheets healthy.
Question 4: Can the resort to force be undertaken effectively without sacrificing or appreciably diminishing the wellbeing of one's own people?
The trend toward moving service sector and technology jobs offshore appears to be gaining, not diminishing.
For example, address Scott Atran's view that bombers are not crazies, that what motivates them is diminishing expectations.
However, until they too operate on renewable fuels, they'll simply extend the diminishing supplies of very profitable fossil fuels.
If you see intimacy diminishing, or feel isolation building in your partnership, you may want to enlist a licensed mental health-care provider schooled in sex therapy.
For many of them, their market is diminishing because of various reasons we all know, but their debt is not diminishing.
I called this 'the Ivan Illich Law of Diminishing Architecture', after the man who discovered counter-productive growth in other fields, and framed it as follows: 'for any building type there is an upper limit to the number of people who can be served before the quality of the environment falls'.
The mathematical drawing--an illustration of the so-called hyperbolic plane--that had so startled Escher offered him a precise, aesthetically pleasing way to depict diminishing figures within a circle.
He attempts to create a percentage pie chart of why the societal disconnect exists, attributing about 10 percent to women in the work force, robbing the community of what had historically been a vital source of voluntarism; about a tenth to suburban sprawl--to community-spread, non-engaging strip malls, and enormous time spent commuting; about 30 percent to the atomizing and fragmenting effects of modern communications, making citizens passive spectators and diminishing, through cable satellite and the Internet, their body of shared information; and the largest portion to generational change, in which each succeeding generation, beginning with those born after World War II, is less involved than their predecessors.
I think it was only seventy intermissionless, unremitting minutes, but rarely can that law of diminishing returns have seemed so diminishing or the returns themselves so diminished.