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carnivorous dinosaur of the Permian in North America having a crest or dorsal sail

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Dimetrodon, one of the first big land predators, was the size of a small crocodile, with a snub nose, sharp teeth and a towering fin on its back.
According to the study published in Nature Communications, ziphodont teeth, with their serrated edges, produced a more-efficient bite and would have allowed Dimetrodon to eat prey much larger than itself.
Lead author Kirstin Brink along with Professor Robert Reisz from University of Toronto Mississauga's Department of Biology suggested that Dimetrodon was the first terrestrial vertebrate to develop serrated ziphodont teeth.
Then he was found by a dimetrodon, and when he went to escape that dinosaur, he encountered another one.
He's been a dinosaur fanatic since the age of six when he found a small plastic model of a Dimetrodon in a box of cereal.
Otros animales, como el Dimetrodon, que vivio en la era Paleozoica, mucho antes de que los dinosaurios existieran, tienen mas en comun con los seres humanos que los dinosaurios.
Romer and Price (1940) described such ridges in both Ophiacodon, a primitive pelycosaur, and Dimetrodon, a more advanced form, and presume they were probably present in other forms as well.
Paleontologists from the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) said the skull-nicknamed 'Wet Willi'-belongs to Dimetrodon giganhomogenes, reports the Discovery News.
Young and old readers alike will enjoy these zany short stories about species ranging from velociraptor to dimetrodon to triceratops, baryonyx, and many more as they toil to survive, escape quicksand, escort dinosaur babies, or even run in fear from ghosts