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a compound whose molecules are composed of two identical monomers

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Analysis of the samples showed that the reaction product marked later X dimeric rq was accumulated first and converted to another product marked X dimeric qq.
The intracellular concentration of cyclic dimeric GMP is controlled by a
With this rationale in mind a novel 'proximity' assay, HerMark or Veratag, has been devised to detect by fluorescence the receptor number and HER2-HER2 dimeric status (and also HER1) in breast cancer.
Since then, etanercept, a dimeric fusion protein blocking the TNF-alpha receptor binding site, and infliximab have been used in multiple cases with reported improvement or resolution of disease (6, 7).
Etanercept (Enbrel) is a dimeric fusion protein, consisting of the TNF-alpha receptor linked to IgG (immunoglobulin G).
7) are widely distributed in plants, microbes, and animal tissues representing a huge family of heme containing enzymes [1,2] and have been used in a great number of analytical applications [3] such as clinical diagnosis (blood sugar and cholesterol), immunoassays (ELISA kit), biosensor construction [4], food processing and food storage, treatment of waste water containing phenols and aromatic amines [5], bio-bleaching processes, lignin degradation in fuel, production of dimeric alkaloids, oxidations, and biotransformation of organic compounds [6].
Even those active monomers have been reported recently, as a general rule, most of the soluble GSTs exist as dimeric proteins, with subunit molecular weights of approximately 25 kDa.
Beauty Ingredients: Centella, Centella Phytosome, GBDF (Ginkgo Biloba Dimeric Flavonoids Phytosome), Ruscogenins, Escin, Escin Phytosome, Asiaticoside, Esculoside, Sericoside, Visnadine
This result is in a good correlation with earlier X-ray studies, which have reported that the protein is normally in a dimeric form with extensively interacting subunits of 70-90 kDa [8-10, 20-23].
Neuron-specific enolase, a dimeric cytoplasmic isoenzyme has been shown to be located in neurons and neuroectodermal tissue.
However in its dimeric form lawsone was found to be inactive (Lall 2003).
Etanercept is a dimeric fusion protein consisting of the soluble TNF receptor fused to the Fc portion of human IgG.
For example, the structure of IgA consists of two basic structures covalently linked to each other through a joining protein; its dimeric structure has two line symmetries, vertical and horizontal (see IgA in Fig.
The molecular weights of the complexes as determined by Rasta method using diphenyl as solvent, indicate monomeric structures for the complexes and dimeric structures for other complexes, but do not favour the polymeric structure.