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One must therefore very guardedly interpret differences with respect to the dimensionality of the PBS.
Another important feature in our method is that the number of pivots chosen does not depend on the size of the collection, but in the intrinsic dimensionality of the metric space.
Although the markers were spaced several feet apart, I found a vantage point that allowed me to use the lens' perspective-flattening power to compress them into a common fabric, yet to still reveal a bold pattern of vertical shadows that imply dimensionality.
Experience has demonstrated that the dimensionality of the molecular profiling data requires the analysis of hundreds of specimens to get statistically significant results.
Better decision-making: HyperRoll eliminates the lengthy build times previously required to populate OLAP cubes, which in turns opens the door for additions to the data structure, increased dimensionality, and larger data volumes for any analysis.
Scale dimensionality is an important issue, especially when using a scale in an applied setting.
Objective: "This project is concerned with problems that involve a very large number of variables, and whose efficient numerical treatment is challenged by the so-called curse of dimensionality, meaning that computational complexity increases exponentially in the variable dimension.
The important issue, especially for the high dimensional dataset is dimensionality reduction.
The collected sample of over 300 responses on a questionnaire was subjected to principal component analysis, a statistical technique for dimensionality reduction of the dataset.
Keywords: machine learning, curse of dimensionality, hubness
I liked the three dimensionality and I liked the idea of choosing the different elements, different materials and combining them together.
Multilinear Subspace Learning: Dimensionality Reduction of Multidimensional Data
Further the curse of dimensionality is not an issue for the proposed scheme as it can be applied to data having any number of dimensions or attributes.
High-dimensional feature of data not only increase the computational complexity and contain plenty of redundant information, therefore dimensionality reduction is essential the processing step for data mining.
The embedded solution also delivers audio with an expanded soundstage, providing depth and dimensionality, enhancing the overall entertainment experience of all content types on these devices.