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having dimension--the quality or character or stature proper to a person

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Once all the tests have been completed on the telephone that can take three dimensional pictures and record three dimensional video, the users will be able to communicate with three dimensional images.
Dimensional metrology is an important subject but difficult to master for two main reasons.
One CTQ issue is dimensional distortion of the foam patterns caused by moving sand during the molding cycle.
Dimensional Insight, a leading provider of analytics and reporting solutions for provider and payer organizations, will highlight four clients at HIMSS.
In analogy with the finding of three dimensional periodic structures by fitting balls with atomic radii together, plausible quasiperiodic structures have been constructed by fitting atomic surfaces into six dimensional unit cells (28).
The total dimensional error seen by the casting customer is a combination of the dimensional variability from the casting process and pattern errors.
Task 3 - Evaluated the factors that influence the dimensional precision of EP castings and comparison with green sand and no bake processes.
On closer examination of the green sand casting process variables, the complexity and the need for absolute control and continual monitoring to achieve consistent dimensional accuracy are readily evident.
The level of accuracy attainable using these methods is not always sufficient to guarantee all the dimensional tolerances desired in the resulting castings.
This state of the art, low-dose imaging equipment, produces three dimensional (3D) x-ray images for Implantology.
Dimensional Fund Advisors has launched four new equity funds.
The independent music sector is enjoying spectacular growth and we believe strongly that the shift to digital will disproportionately benefit independent and international music," said Greg Scholl, CEO of The Orchard and managing director of Dimensional Associates, the company that owns The Orchard, eMusic and Dimensional Music Publishing.
Although River Valley uses MEDITECH tools such as NPR and ESS, HospitalAnalysis will provide many new capabilities," noted Ron Felt, Healthcare Industry Director at Dimensional Insight.
Founded in 1989, Dimensional Insight (DI) has more than 2,600 customers worldwide.
Since sidewall indentations are more severe in one-ply tires, especially under low inflation pressure, PEN's dimensional stability is particularly valuable.