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a melodramatic paperback novel

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Eisenhower has been quoted by others as saying that Kim Roosevelt's report sounded like a dime novel.
Then came the immensely popular dime novels, which sensationalised the exploits of real people and invented modern celebrity.
11)Harvey described the way that boys "swarmed into and through stores and news-stands" (12) whenever a new dime novel was released.
As Greenwald put it, "Stratemeyer's success stemmed from the fact that he took the formula of the dime novel and altered it to fit the changing cultural milieu," specifically the increase in the middle-class market (18-19).
Loeb's fantasy life was likewise fed by his nearly compulsive reading of crime magazine city gangsters and dime novel western desperadoes.
Then came the cowboys, six guns blazing, and the Mexicans and then - what drama - then a solitary rider, hair flowing, beard so familiar to every reader of a dime novel bristling.
The point holds as true for the 19th-century labour press -- which always preferred manly action to representations of mere, daily labour --as for the dime novel, the Horatio Alger tale, or the canonical works of American literature.
examines the sparse but expanding documentary evidence to evaluate legends of her as either an iconic frontierswoman, associate of Wild Bill Hickok, and dime novel heroine, or a notorious "loose" woman.
The dime novel and the pulp novel provided women writers an outlet that they did not have in the mainstream publishing of the day.
Also coming out in 2005 is TRAILS OF THE DIME NOVEL.
The hero of a hundred fights; collected stories from the dime novel king, from Buffalo Bill to Wild Bill Hickock.
Smith's achievement by saying that Hardboiled couldn't have been written without Mechanic Accents, but it's obvious that Smith took her cues from the material in Denning's third and fourth chapters, chapters entitled" 'The Unknown Public': Dime Novels and Working Class Readers" and "The Uses of Literacy: Class, Culture, and Dime Novel Controversies," respectively.
But after two months of investigation, police have uncovered a real-life movie plot with more twists and turns than any dime novel or ``Perils of Pauline'' adventure.
Entries range from the dime novel Frank Reade and his Steam Man of the Plains; or The Terror of the West (1876), to the film Billy the Kid vs.
Studies of nineteenth-century American reading habits indicate that working- and middle-class boys and young men made up a large share of the huge market for lowbrow adventure and dime novel fiction.