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a melodramatic paperback novel

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This description conforms to the depiction of the dime novel hero as an almost godlike creature, with seemingly no physical imperfections, while giving insight into his mental abilities.
It's noon, and the open front door is a bright rectangle of sunlight streaming in from the Gulf--a stark counterpoint to the ultra-dim interior with the red light bulbs that set the mood of a Mickey Spillane dime novel.
An early sign was the dime novel, the earliest of which were westerns, idealizing the cowboy as the last areas of free land disappeared.
I listened to his detailed report and it seemed more like a dime novel than an historical fact.
And, let's not forget Calamity Jane, the cross-dressing, tough-talking, sharp-shooting heroine of many a dime novel and a completely berserk film starring Doris Day.
19) More than 100 years ago, the dime novel penned by Senarens made a similar invention with his steam man.
The library has a 19th century dime novel collection, a collection about child survivors of the Jewish Holocaust, and a collection of revolutionary and political movements in Russia from 1875 to 1937.
Last, but by no means least, the first volume of Wild West introduces us to a century-old dime novel and Edward Wheeler's Deadwood Dick, while John Jakes contributes a classic gunfight and Dorothy M.
Trails of the Dime Novel is an unusual Western, about a young man in the late 1800's who set out west to write dramatic stories that would capture the imagination of the reading populace, and found himself living them instead.
Streeby's most important insight in this section is that many dime novel Westerns, usually read on a mythological level, also engaged contemporary issues of slavery and empire and cannot be read independently of international historical contexts, such as Southern designs on Cuba and Central America.
New York publishers had introduced the dime novel, a lurid form that needed larger-than-life heroes.
No sooner did clergymen denounce the dime novel or television than some enterprising colleague was picking up a pen or daubing on makeup for the cameras.
The first dime novel was Malaeska; The Indian Wife of the White Hunter by Mrs.
Thomas Chalmers HarbaughAEs dime novel Westerns are compared to modern video games.
In this sympathetic account, the author rejects both the heroic dime novel exaggerations of the nineteenth century and more recent attacks from revisionist scholars who label him as a racist and Indian killer.