dime bag

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street name for a packet of illegal drugs that is sold for ten dollars


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Given that Kurt is well into the dime bag of pot that he bought (with Mark's money) on the way, it's natural his sense of direction is a little off and that the two don't initially find their intended destination, a hot spring in an old-growth forest.
Already a low-level weed dealer, doling out dime bags to rich white kids at college, he spots an opportunity to jump up the ladder after a chance meeting with unhinged Israeli drugs don Avi Drexler.
Based on some of the stuff that we found, he's not selling dime bags," Detective Sgt.
Squires accepts dime bags of weed from the kid, which he smokes -- during their sessions.
There was a time when more bullets than children crossed Blythe, when men sold dime bags of drugs on corners and the name of the street was synonymous with urban decay.