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Synonyms for dim-witted

Synonyms for dim-witted

lacking mental capacity and subtlety

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Paul Gibson, as Dame Gwendoline Gobstopper, and Phil Malkin, as her dim-witted son Eddie, from Pied Piper
Only in Britain, perhaps, would the spat pit the Conservative-led government's education minister against a comic actor -- Tony Robinson, who played the dim-witted soldier Baldrick in ''Blackadder Goes Forth,'' a much-loved television sitcom about the war.
Stiller returns as dim-witted Derek Zoolander along with Owen Wilson, who will again be seen in his role as Hansel McDonald.
Will this rebellious princess find a way to escape the narrow-minded dim-witted prince?
The Syrian minister's statement only shows that he is stupid and dim-witted," he said.
Many of the laughs are reserved for Brad Pitt, who gamely throws himself into the role of dim-witted gym employee.
She provides dim-witted yet iovable Angie Ostrowiski (Poehler) who accepts the assignment in exchange for EUR100,000, to the delight of her scheming husband Carl.
Not Mensa provides a forum for dim-witted, mindless exchanges between the site's low IQ members, including silly jokes, mindless ponderings about trivia and research and debate into achieving world peace by placing old chewing gum into the ears of every human being on the planet.
The dim-witted Londoner has had viewers in stitches over recent nights with antics including wetting himself on a caravan holiday with Charlie and correctly ascertaining that William Shakespeare had nothing to do with Babe: Pig in the City.
The rest of the night consisted of pulling party pranks on the dim-witted walking dead, such as tying their shoelaces together and that thing where someone gets pushed over someone kneeling behind them.
CORRECTION: Darwinists would have us think that only snaggle-toothed, dim-witted snake-handlers dare challenge the orthodoxy of Darwinism, but that is far from the case.
Patrick Warburton is the voice of the somewhat dim-witted Kronk.
Directed and adapted by Richard Day from his play, this frothy farce concerns Guy Stone (Matt Letscher), a vain, fairly dim-witted Eisenhower-era movie god who cultivates a straight image while happily humping any hunk in tight trousers.
Drea plays the older sister of dim-witted actor Joey who lets him stay with her in LA.
The rich, they are different than you or I -- for one thing, they've got more lawyers, even if they're somewhat dim-witted lawyers.