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But I need not have used all that caution, for the old gentleman was grown dim-sighted by some distemper which had fallen upon his eyes, and could but just see well enough to walk about, and not run against a tree or into a ditch.
Burge's, who had come to condole with her in the morning as soon as she heard of Thias's death, was too dim-sighted to be of much use.
Mr Chester was not the kind of man to be by any means dim-sighted to Mr Willet's motives, but he thanked him as graciously as if he had been one of the most disinterested martyrs that ever shone on earth; and leaving him, with many complimentary reliances on his great taste and judgment, to prepare whatever dinner he might deem most fitting the occasion, bent his steps towards the Warren.
Intrigued by dotard, I looked up the term in Chinese dictionaries and, lo and behold, it produced 'lao hu tu' or 'old clumsy,' as well as 'lao mao,' which means 'doddering, senile, dim-sighted.
They argued and shouted and wrestled and ran about, sometimes coming together in big groups and sometimes scattering all over the field like a host of dim-sighted ants, until all hope of agreement was gone.