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of or connected with a deluge


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Widespread broad valleys, erratics, poorly sorted gravels, and scratches and grooves on polished bedrock surfaces needed explanation: diluvial currents of water or mud, icebergs melting and dropping embedded rocks, and extended glaciation were all invoked.
Tokyo, Japan) filled with a mixture of Tama River alluvial soil and Kanto diluvial soil (1:1, v/v).
Certainly Harpur depicts local nature as postlapsarian, even as tending towards diluvial upheaval, but it is always open to the miracle of divine intervention.
Luego caera una lluvia diluvial durante doce anos, la tierra quedara sumergida y la humanidad anulada.
Rara vez se presenta una voz que desentona con el generalizado, diluvial y descontextualizado concierto planetario que montan estas agencias noticiosas: esta golondrina que no hace verano solo es publicitada una sola vez, porque la noticia que vende es la que incita a la sangre, a la guerra.
Diluvial rain clattered on corrugated zinc roofs and cascaded into buckets.
13), de esa luz renacida que sigue a la destruccion diluvial.
En la caricatura de Helguera (La Jornada), en medio del paisaje diluvial, el presidente Zedillo, vestido segun moda de algun siglo venidero, implora colerico (si tal cosa es posible, que lo es): "
Whence the very grotesqueness of internal gyrations: aleatory patternings, diluvial rhetoric, unimpeded hyperbole, transcient, recreant reroutings coalesce, if insidiously, as the weaponry, the tuning fork of dialectic disrepair.
In the poem, " Diluvial," objects are uprooted, glued, spilled, eaten, pierced, dragged, broken, scattered, split, knocked, sucked, congealed, cracked, tumbled, polished, melted.