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of or connected with a deluge


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Geologists intensely debated the adequacy of actual causes to explain the allegedly diluvial deposits and some other rocks from the deep past.
To creationists who deny the fossil record and the geologic age of the Earth, remember that the fossil fuel that you fill your car with was found by geologists and not by diluvial delusionists.
The exploration revealed the main revealed stratum of the working area includes Quaternary residual diluvial horizon and Liujiatan section and Zhongya section of Carboniferous system Yanguan Group, it is divided from new to old as follows now: Quaternary residual diluvial horizon (Qh): consist of clay, residual clay, sand and gravel stone, mainly distribute on both sides along the river and low-lying point of gully.
Certainly Harpur depicts local nature as postlapsarian, even as tending towards diluvial upheaval, but it is always open to the miracle of divine intervention.
In the poem, " Diluvial," objects are uprooted, glued, spilled, eaten, pierced, dragged, broken, scattered, split, knocked, sucked, congealed, cracked, tumbled, polished, melted.