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Synonyms for dilute

Synonyms for dilute

to lessen the strength of by or as if by admixture

lower than normal in strength or concentration due to admixture

Synonyms for dilute

lessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture

corrupt, debase, or make impure by adding a foreign or inferior substance

reduced in strength or concentration or quality or purity


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The Insitec LPS pre-diluter and cascade diluter work together to bring the sample to an optimal concentration for analysis whilst avoiding dilution shock.
The chloroform stocks were stirred for 24 [+ or -] 2 hr in a sealed glass container, and then pumped into a diluter dosing bottle.
Spiral Biotech introduced the LabPro Diluter and Dispenser, which automates dilution, dispensing, in-line filter sterilization of liquids, and other functions.
Cello Tape- Packing Tape,Cello Tape- A' inch 72 yard,Cello Tape -1 inch 72 yard,Correction Fluid (white) with diluter,Correction Fluid (white) Pen type (Big),Cup & Saucer (6 pieces in set) White & Gold line office use),Colour Flag Stick (3 x3 )(76 mm x 76mm),Curtain Cloth (synthetic) Standard Quality,Dustbin Plastic (Medium) with lid,Duster Cloth(yellow)(1x1 meter length),Envelope clothed (Big Size) 16 x12 (100 Nos.
Exclusive UK distributor Don Whitley Scientific has launched the AES Chemunex Smasher laboratory blender, completing the DWS sample preparation range that includes the WASP spiral plater, Dilumat gravimetric diluter and automatic colony counters.
The HPLC system consisted of two Waters 510 HPLC pumps, a Waters 680 automated gradient controller (Waters Associates), and a Gilson 231 XL sample injector with a Gilson 401 diluter (Gilson Medical Electronics).
Malvern Process Systems has introduced the new Gulfstream continuous multistage diluter for use in conjunction with its Insitec online particle size analysers.
of serum and, using an automatic cuvet positioner and recorder as well as an automatic diluter, more than 60 determinations can be carried out in 1 hr.
Limited Tenders are invited for purchase of stationary items for cswt bsf indore (1 Carbon Paper Blue/Black (2 Xerox Paper (3 Ruled Paper (4 Register 6 Coir (5 Register 5 Coir (6 Register 3 Coir (7 Refil (8 pen (9 Sketch Pen Pkt Of 12 (10 Gum Paste (11 Allpin 100 Gm (1 2 U Clip Iron U Clip Plastic Coated (13 Correcting Fluid White With Diluter (14 Pad Ink Blue, Red & Black etc
The DELTA DILUTER, meanwhile, saves time and improves accuracy, achieving a weight ratio correlation greater than 99%.
The Delta Diluter saves time without compromising on accuracy, with error rates of (1% and is available in two different models for either 0.
To perform that work, we used a manual spectrophotometer and a semiautomated diluter.
Tenders are invited for Store, Sanitation and Stationery items vPhoto State- Paper A-4 (75 GSM), Photo State Paper FS (75 GSM), File Tags Cotton, File Board (FS), File Wrapper, Correction Fluid Pen Non CFC, Correction Fluid White Diluter 15 ML, Register 1 Qr, Register 2 Qrs, Register 6 Qrs, Register 8 Qrs, Short Hand Note Book of 200 pages, Add Gel Pen, Gel Ink Pen, Pen Non Toxic 0.