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Synonyms for diluted

Synonyms for diluted

reduced in strength or concentration or quality or purity



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Therefore, without entering into any more serious examination of the question, I will content myself with remarking that in real life typical characters are "watered down," so to speak; and all these Dandins and Podkoleosins actually exist among us every day, but in a diluted form.
His equivocations with himself about the death of Raffles had sustained the conception of an Omniscience whom he prayed to, yet he had a terror upon him which would not let him expose them to judgment by a full confession to his wife: the acts which he had washed and diluted with inward argument and motive, and for which it seemed comparatively easy to win invisible pardon--what name would she call them by?
The song had ceased from his lips; but Mary was irritable from a burnt hand and a grandchild whose stomach refused to digest properly diluted cows' milk.
Into these bowls, Mrs Squeers, assisted by the hungry servant, poured a brown composition, which looked like diluted pincushions without the covers, and was called porridge.
Some stimulating cordials he must have, but they should be judiciously diluted and sparingly used; and I find it very difficult to keep him to this.
In the same manner, his twenty-five cent coffee was diluted with milk, her eighty cent Turkish with cream.
Razumov after his conservative convictions, diluted in a vague liberalism natural to the ardour of his age, had become crystallized by the shock of his contact with Haldin.
The latter diluted with large quantities of water, he drank in a heated, feverish way, as though his throat were dried; but he scarcely ever broke his fast, by so much as a crumb of bread.
But, it happened now, that a slant of light from the setting sun glanced into the bottom of the boat, and, touching a rotten stain there which bore some resemblance to the outline of a muffled human form, coloured it as though with diluted blood.
The newspaper-sellers looked moist, and smelled mouldy; the wet ran off the hats of the orange-vendors as they thrust their heads into the coach windows, and diluted the insides in a refreshing manner.
For the first nine months of fiscal year 2002, diluted funds from operations increased to $15,065,000 or $0.
The world's largest media company said it lost $62 million, or 25 cents a diluted share, matching the average estimate of analysts polled by IBES International Inc.
Any company with potential common shares has a complex capital structure and must disclose both basic and diluted EPS.
In fact, such beverages are diluted with water, contain sugar or corn syrup, and, in some cases, have added flavors.
Diluted earnings per share (EPS) for the three-month period increased from $0.