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a diluting agent

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In the preparation, the diluents content affected the porosity and the apparent density of the beads, and therefore affected oil absorbency of the beads.
This development, combined with our existing asset base, will allow us to provide our customers with a reliable and cost-competitive supply of not only condensate, but other diluents such as light sweet crude, synthetic crude oil and custom diluent blends.
EZ Flow is an additive that accentuates the behavior of regular diluent allowing it to act as a "super" viscosity reducer.
4), (6-9) Reactive diluents function as a solvent during coating processing and application, but are not considered VOCs as they are converted into an integral part of the film during the curing/drying process.
Although iso-osmotic diluents are commonly used as a semen extender, hyperosmotic diluents over a wide range of sugar concentrations are known to improve sperm integrity after freezing-thawing (Aisen et al.
Oxoid Dry-Bags[TM] are ready to use in a matter of minutes and contain sufficient material to make 20 litres (88 aliquots of 225ml) of medium or diluent.
This paper discusses the performance and the limitations of reactive diluents based specifically on ethoxylated and propoxylated polyols.
Experience gained in Shop Light determined that drug gangs do not stockpile or keep inventories of diluents and packaging, rather they purchase those items on an as-needed basis.
By prepackaging drugs and diluents in a multichambered container for compounding at bedside, the system mitigates the potential for a variety of problems while improving patient safety and drug efficacy.
The Gotec line of miniature pumps are suggested by the manufacturer for demanding print industry applications, including the direct handling of inks, solvents and related diluents.
all epoxy hardeners, reactive diluents and modifiers--marketed under the Amicure, Ancamine, Ancamide, Ancarez, Anchor, Anquamine, Anquamide, Epodil, Imicure, Dicyanex, Nourybond, and Curezol trademarks--by $0.
The investigators examined different types of diluents, seeking to find one that would enable the organisms to maintain their viability.
Reactive diluents can help achieve coating solids levels as high as 60-70%, according to Ryntz.
After mixing in the diluents, he hoists a large block of dry ice onto the lab bench.
But there is increasing evidence that some inert ingredients, which serve as solvents and diluents, can be equally deadly, possibly contributing to cancer, birth defects and brain damage.