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a diluting agent

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The Company reports its sales volumes comprised of produced volumes available for sale, plus purchased diluent volumes (mixed with heavy oil production to form a sales blend), plus oil for trading ("OFT ") volumes, plus/minus sales inventory adjustments.
1) The addition of diluent could significantly decrease the viscosity of the pre-polymer system, so it was in favor of the dropping of PDMS with a syringe.
The Global Epoxy Active Diluent Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global epoxy active diluent industry.
Although common to any place where heavy oil is produced--Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela, for example the diluent problem is particularly severe in Canada where highly viscous bitumen produced from Alberta tar sands has to be converted to dilbit (a bitumen blend that contains 30-40% of diluent by volume) in order to meet pipeline maximum viscosity specification.
In addition to the direct and immediate savings of using less diluent, EZ Flow has other benefits.
API bitumen with a naphtha diluent and lighter Venezuelan crudes to help it flow to the upgrader at Jose.
Keywords Alkyd, Reactive diluent, Tetra(2,7-octadienyl) titanale, Air drying
A polymerization process comprising contacting one or more monomer(s), wherein the one or more monomer(s) is independently selected from the group consisting of olefins, alpha-olefins, disubstituted olefins, isoolefins, conjugated dienes, non-conjugated dienes, styrenics, substituted styrenics and vinyl ethers, one or more Lewis acid(s), and a diluent comprising one or more hydrofluorocarbon(s) (HFC's) in a reactor and wherein the diluent comprises from 15 to 100 volume % HFC based upon the total volume of diluent, the temperature of the polymerization is less than 0[degrees]C and the pressure is from above 0 to 14,000 kPa and wherein the one or more Lewis acid(s) is represented by the formula [MR.
We conducted a study to determine whether the order of drawing up the drug and diluent, or the lag time before administration, affected the delivered concentration.
5 M with osmolality of 308, 500 and 760 mOsm/kg, respectively) in diluents and control diluent (370 mOsm/kg) on intensity of motility and progressive motility of goat sperm without rehydration and freezing step in four incubation periods (0, 0.
It does not contain a diluent monomer, which allows for greater formulation latitude.
Oxoid Dry-Bags[TM] are ready to use in a matter of minutes and contain sufficient material to make 20 litres (88 aliquots of 225ml) of medium or diluent.
If dilution is really necessary, what diluent should be used?
It also provides powerful wetting action in conjunction with superior soil release and suspension and is easily formulated into ready-to-use or diluent concentrates.
Further, the patient may be at risk of an under- or over-dose because the diluent may not be measured precisely.