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Synonyms for dilly-dally

to go or move slowly so that progress is hindered

Synonyms for dilly-dally

postpone doing what one should be doing

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According to the witness, the defendant dilly-dallied and said that the application was held for security reasons.
The government has dilly-dallied over providing meaningful tax incentives for companies to manufacture more environmentally-friendly vehicles or for the public to buy them.
The ball was ploughed into Wrexham's box where Rovde and Lawrence seemed to expect each other to go for it, and as they dilly-dallied, Facey swooped.
Potential home buyers who have dilly-dallied in the last few months might be caught off guard this week by some of the highest mortgage rates in more than two years.
But they have dilly-dallied over a contract, giving a decisive edge to ITN.
So they (the government) dilly-dallied and as a result the market lost confidence and the baht sank through the floor,'' Lee reportedly said.
Macapaar was among MILF commanders, who led a string of deadly attacks in Mindanao when the government dilly-dallied on the memorandum of agreement on ancestral domain in 2008.
Duterte had dilly-dallied in his decision to run for president and among the reasons he cited was that some people only wanted him to run so they could get something in return.